E-commerce is becoming an important option for every business person. Since e-commerce can drive maximum ROI. According to research, e-commerce sales are expected to hit 114.3 billion dollars in the third quarter of 2023. This predicted figure indicates how the retail e-commerce industry is currently undergoing rapid growth.

Just like the rapid growth of the IT sector across the globe during the 19th century. This 21st century will be retained for the huge growth in the e-commerce industries. Currently, the GDP of e-commerce is 0.2 per cent. It is expected to reach more than 15 times i.e around 2.5 per cent by 2032.

E-commerce business differs from other businesses. In an e-commerce sector, the prior impetus is timely delivery.

Simply speaking, timely delivery has the capability to meet customer demand. Additionally delivering the service to customers punctually builds trust. It may sound pretty easy, but it is tough.

When a customer receives an apology message from you like “Your request is currently under process”. “Delayed in delivery due to the transportation issue”. It could be a heartbreaking story for your customer. Since delivery day would be a precious day for your customer, they do nothing than wait for shippers. These things occur in e-commerce sectors frequently.

Therefore to overcome such kind of issues during product delivery. E-commerce business has continued to execute dauntless expeditions into the logistics industry. There are few logistic companies in the market such as 3PL logistic company will bring up effective growth in your e-commerce industry. 3PL links shipping company can recover supply chain control and offer international shipping solutions. These solutions overcome client operational and organisational costs.

E-commerce logistics are different from traditional logistics. General logistics deliver raw materials like clothes, machinery parts etc,.. from supplier to retailer. On the other hand, e-commerce logistic delivers the products from retailer to customer. The package size may vary from small to large.

The logistic requirements of the e-commerce company are constantly with the evolving business environment and requirements. To build a powerful and responsive ecosystem, the exporter needs to deal with a few common challenges.

Following are top 5 tips to manage logistics for e-commerce:

  1. Keep the retailer’s commitment

If you are a logistic agent for e-commerce, then you might have an idea about how things go on. You have a set of responsibility for retailers and customers. Also, maintain and manage both at the same time.

Apart from providing quality service, you should stay committed to what the retailers say to the customers. Let us consider an example when the retailer alerts the customer that “Your package will arrive in 4 business days”. It means you need to deliver the package within a given delivery date. It is also important to maintain a perfect delivery cycle. It allows you to overcome any pending shipping.

Offer multiple shipping options

There are hundreds of e-commerce websites around the globe including you. It’s important to find better approaches to distinguish how you’re unique from others.

The products you sell might be sold by other e-commerce too. Sometimes these small things impact the customer buying decision. Whether to buy a product or not.

One of the amazing ways to get differentiate with other e-commerce sites would be offering multiple delivery options.

Provide next day delivery – When a customer has decided to buy a product and want to receive it as soon as possible. Providing a next day delivery can be a critical option.

Flexible delivery slots – Not every customer can stay at home all day waiting for their product delivery. Make a great arrangement of timeslots. Ideally, three hours of time slots may be a great option for customers.

Free delivery – If you want a customer back, then offer free delivery. Offering free delivery is an excellent secret weapon in any e-commerce business. As per the analysis, over one-third of customers states than “Free Delivery Option” is a factor for their purchase online.

Keep it Real

Be friendly and honest to your consumers. If you are unable to deliver the product at given timeslot. Sometimes open communication can make a customer happy. Notify them about product delay. Send an email or message like “due to a public holiday, you’re unable to delivery” or some other honest reason. This will positively assure customer order will arrive early.

Building a relationship by communicating with every employee in your e-commerce logistic is an amazing way for business success. Keep a track about your employees are up to date with updations and product delays.

Be transparent on shipping prices and terms & conditions

The loyalty of a consumer starts or ends with the trust they have with your business. Providing transparency in particular areas such as product price, shipping fee and delivery options, insurance policy, etc. Executing these areas in a proper way can earn the loyalty of a consumer.

Improve the tracking system

A tracking system is a vital software if you run a logistics company. Tracking has made every business effective than before. Updating your tracking system with better technology is always helpful. With the advancement in technology, GPS tracking has completely transformed the shipping industry. These services are business effective solutions required for business and customers.

Benefits of vehicle tracking

  • Fleet management
  • Resource optimization
  • Driver safety and performance
  • Reduce administrative resources

With an effective tracking system, the customer can track their product. Also by tracing, a customer will have an idea whether the product will arrive on time or not. Customer frequently depends on the tracking system and know the delivery information without making a call to a logistic agent.