As we marched swiftly in the 21st century, the advent of the digital age pushed more and more businesses towards obscurity and oblivion. In this day and age, not having an online presence is a huge lost opportunity and could be detrimental to your profitability. One of the businesses that continue to die a slow death is the printing business. According to studies, in the last 5 years the global printing industry’s revenue declined at a rate of 2.1% per year and 3.2% of printing businesses closed shops every year.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you cannot change, adapt to and embrace it. A large number of printing companies have already got the memo as they turned things around with a solid online presence. The same can be done by you or anyone. Just by following a few simple guidelines and providing quality products, you could make up for you lost revenue from online sales just like any other business.

Your Website Should Speak For You: As a printing company, you want to propagate the quality and beauty of your work as much as you can. And your quality should reflect in your website. There is nothing wrong in giving your customers dozens of options. But a clumsy and cluttered landing page does not scream quality printing work to the visitors. The website should be uncluttered, easy to the eye and a breath of fresh air. Remember the four second rule. If you fail to impress within the first 4 seconds, you lose business.

 2.Provide Samples of Your Best Work: There is competition everywhere and the online printing market is no different. So how do you stand out from the rest? Well, by showcasing your best works on your website. Seldom will you find an online printing site with samples of past work advertised. There is definitely a gap and you should seize it. Without being too cluttered, just simply sprinkle the samples of you stellar work across the website. When customers see it, it will instill trust in your abilities to provide what they want.

 3.Let Your Visitors Play With Their Ideas: Your online printing website should not just be a means to get orders, it should give the visitors a chance to see their ideas come alive and build something magical. Thus, investing in high quality online design software makes a lot of sense. As your visitors upload their design and text, there should be enough options to let them play around and design the perfect visiting card or wedding card or a flyer.

If they need professional help, you are always there but the joy of creating is what drives people. And guess what, studies show the more time a visitor spends on your website, the more the chances of them turning into a customer. So keeping it fun and exciting will make your visitors spend a lot of time on the website and then spend on their orders.

 4.  Have the Best Printing Equipment: Now that your website has talked the talk, can your equipment walk the walk? CRM researchers show that you can double your business from having only 5% repeat customers. So it is important that your customers come back. And if you do not deliver, they will not come back. So it is one thing to create a beautiful website and another to provide a beautiful product. Make sure your equipment and design quality are top notch to generate repeat business. It always pays to invest heavily on feature rich design software that can produce stunning result. After all, the best way to outpace competition is to outshine them.

5. Invest in High Quality SEO: You may have the best website, the best equipment, the best rates and quality and business could still be just trickling in. Because no matter how good you are, your search engine ranking could mean the difference between a successful venture and a potential disaster. Investing in high quality professional SEO services will make sure your website’s search rank improve amongst your target audience. It is a time taking process but with the correct approach, you are sure to get ranked for the search results that matter the most to you.

It is hard to pinpoint the reasons behind a successful or failed business over the course of one article but as far as online printing companies go, these 5 tips will take you pretty far. High quality services, great website, fun design options and good SEO practices can bring your dwindling business to the limelight again. All it needs is a little drive and some smarts.