5 Tips When Choosing an Internet Provider for Mobile Devices

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Choosing a WiFi connection for your home is time-consuming enough, so who has time to search for the best internet providers for mobile devices?

Well, if you take inspiration from today’s simple tips, you should find the right ISP for your cell phone and tablet the easy way.

With many low-cost MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) entering the market, there’s never been a better time to find competitive deals for WiFi on the go.

5 Tips When Choosing an Internet Provider for Mobile Devices

1) Fail to plan, plan to fail

2) Go straight to T-Mobile for cost-effective unlimited plans

3) Variety is not always the spice of life

4) Do you really need 5G?

5) You can find senior-friendly packages for your older loves ones

When you’re looking for internet providers, it needn’t be a long and involved decision.

Use these pointers for inspiration and get the right connectivity for your phone, tablet, and other mobile devices without overextending yourself.

Since everyone has wildly differing needs, today’s snapshot of sourcing the best connectivity for your mobile devices will take a broader view. We’ll come up with some specific recommendations, but you’ll need to start your search with a quick assessment of your needs.

1) Fail to plan, plan to fail

Before getting overexcited and whipping out your credit card, you should first ask yourself what your requirements are for the two main aspects of internet for your mobile devices:

  • Speed
  • Data

If you only occasionally check your email or browse your social media accounts, you can probably get away with less brisk speeds. Power users, on the other hand, need to prioritize speed to avoid a frustrating experience.

Much the same applies to data. Unlimited plans can be costly – although it doesn’t always have to be that way as we’ll outline right below – so consider whether you really need an uncapped data allowance. If you can get away with a limited plan, you’ll make significant savings.

Once you have a rough idea of what kind of packages you need to target, the most crucial part of pre-planning comes next.

You need to establish that the provider offers reliable service where you live, and also where you plan to use the device. You’re aiming for convenience, so don’t shoot yourself in the foot through poor planning.

Now, how about if you simply want all-you-can-eat data, and you’re more concerned with the quality of service than the bottom line?

Well, you could cut straight to the chase and roll with T-Mobile.

2) Go straight to T-Mobile for cost-effective unlimited plans

T-Mobile offers arguably the best mixture of data plans, robust coverage, and fringe benefits.

This carrier has been disrupting the wireless business for years with such aggressive promotions and reasonably priced unlimited plans that rivals have been forced to follow suit.

Despite competitors nipping at its heels, T-Mobile remains one step ahead with a powerful Magenta plan priced at $70 monthly. All fees and taxes are integrated so you get one simple payment. The plan lets you use data at a reduced speed when you’re overseas, too.

If you add lines, you’ll qualify for steep discounts, so T-Mobile is a family-friendly option.

LTE download speeds are impressive, and upload speeds are the fastest among all providers. If you’re looking for 5G – more on that below – T-Mobile was an early adopter with its nationwide 5G service now spanning 7500 cities and counting. In over 200 cities, T-Mobile rolled out mid-band coverage. This offers an improvement on 4G speeds.

Benefits of using T-Mobile are worthwhile. Weekly giveaways offer trial subscriptions to services like Tidal Premium. Customer support is responsive and you’ll get an enhanced blocking and caller ID bolt-on. You could also use a proxy number to eliminate unwanted calls slipping through.

So, if you want unlimited data at a cost-effective rate, go for T-Mobile and save yourself a headache.

3) Do you really need 5G?

Now, we mentioned 5G above, but do you really need it?

If you get beyond the marketing hype and claims of speeds up to 100 times faster than LTE, ask yourself this…

Do you really need far quicker speeds than you’re already using? If not, wait until 5G technology matures, prices come down, and the choice of phones and networks widens.

4) Variety is not always the spice of life

What can you do if you’re overwhelmed with options?

Well, Visible offers just one plan, but it’s highly effective for many users with mobile devices as well as remarkably cheap. For just $40 a month, you’ll enjoy unlimited data over Verizon’s 4G network, a strong performer across the board in speed tests.

If you previously avoided Visible due to the restrictive speed caps in place when the carrier launched, these limitations have been lifted. Enjoy the full power of the Verizon LTE network with speeds only throttled in the event of network congestion.

Family-friendly discounts bring the price down to $35 a month per line for two lines, or $25 a month per line for a family of four. The definition of family can be stretched to include friends and roommates, too.

If you have your own connection in place, but you’re looking to help out an elderly loved one, why not steer them in the direction of our next tip…

5) You can find senior-friendly packages for your older loves ones

Consumer Cellular offers unlimited data plans for $60 a month that your elderly loved ones might find beneficial.

With 5% monthly discounts for AARP members and low rates if you don’t need an unlimited plan, you can also impose voluntary restrictions on talk time so you slash the already-low cost further. You can make these changes on an ongoing basis with this fluid ISP.

Coverage is across both T-Mobile and AT&T.

Give your elderly relatives a great gift and enjoy peace of mind yourself that they are always connected whenever they are out and about.