5 Tricks Businesses Can Learn From Moving Companies When Dealing With Heavy Objects  

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Businesses sometimes need to move heavy objects. It’s always wise to hire professionals to carry out big jobs for you, but there is nothing wrong with knowing how to do things yourself. It would be terrible if you were on a deadline and missed it because you didn’t know how to move anything heavy. When looking for advice it’s always good to seek out the most experienced people possible, so we’ll touch on a few tips a moving company from Edmonton had to say on the matter.

Using Larger Air-Filled Tires

It’s not hard to move objects around on a dolly if the surface you’re working on is hard and flat. When it’s bumpy or soft things become a lot tougher, but luckily there is a solution that will make the process much easier. All you need are tires with a bigger diameter than you’d usually see on a dolly. If the tires aren’t completely filled up with air they’ll squash out like a balloon, which will let you drag them across any surface.

You Need To Keep It Balanced

Does 800 pounds sound like a lot of weight to you? Even though it might seem like it would be hard to budge, movers in Edmonton sharing these tips have to deal with that kind of weight regularly. The secret has nothing to do with how heavy your hand truck is when something is piled on top of it. Your only job is to make sure it remains balanced and it will glide along the floor smoothly, plus it would be wise to move slowly too.

Leverage And Clearance Space

If you’re going to be using tools you have to use the right ones, which means knowing a little about how to make your job easier. When you are using hand trucks you have to make sure they’re at least a foot off the ground. This will stop them from bumping into anything lying on the floor you can’t see. When you are using a dolly you want the arms to be as long as possible. This will give you a lot more leverage, so you won’t have trouble moving heavier objects.

Use Industrial Caster Stores

Sometimes if you want to do the job right you should listen to people who know what they’re talking about. Even moving companies call up industrial caster stores on a regular basis to ask for advice. Once you’ve given them information like the kind of equipment you already own and the job you’re undertaking, they’ll be able to recommend the best caster wheels for the job. There should be at least a few of them in your local area.

Always Keep A Pry Bar Handy

Moving a heavy object isn’t actually the hardest part of the job. Depending on its shape you might have a difficult time getting underneath it, which is why you should always have a pry bar handy. If you keep one in a closet it’s easy to grab when you have something to move. Use the pry bar to lift an object up in order to put rollers underneath it. Once you’ve reached your destination you can do the exact opposite to put it down on the floor.

The Time Will Eventually Come

Sooner or later you will actually need to move something heavy, so it’s better if you know what you’re doing. Nobody is going to get hurt if you follow the tips we’ve talked about today. If you ignore everything and try to do the complete opposite of what we’ve touched on, you’re going to end up with a really sore back.