Running an online business is tricky. Simply having a basic eCommerce storefront is not enough. Customers today expect more than ever before, whether in special online-only deals or content that’s personalized to their needs and wants. How can you meet these changing needs and demands without hiring a full-time staff dedicated to managing the online store? Try adding a few of these valuable tools to your repertoire to keep up with the latest innovations in the field.


If you need a reliable platform for managing your eCommerce store, look no further than Magento. It’s one of the premier online shopping tools, offering complete customization so you can transform customer experiences. Magento enables you to track your inventory, automate order management tasks, and adapt to market needs in real time. Don’t see the features you want in the built-in interface? Head to the Magento Marketplace, which is filled with plugins, themes, and extensions crafted by knowledgeable developers. This lets you personalize your store exactly how you want it for optimum return on investment.


Now that you have your eCommerce platform set up, you need a powerful tool to track how well you’re doing. That’s where KISSmetrics comes in. This service provides customer engagement automation, thanks to automatic behavior analytics. With the data you obtain from this tool, you can improve your retention rates, increase customer acquisition, and drive engagement, which are all necessary components of a successful online business.


But how do you reach your customers once they leave your site? MailChimp can help with that. This service provides email marketing campaign management, helping you distribute solid newsletters and other promotional content to your subscribers. Create your message using one of the premade templates, and track how many people read your message with the included metrics dashboard. The site also includes the ability to create campaigns, so you can have an easier time of tracking your success with specific messages.


Looking for a way to reach new demographics? You can spend as much as you want on traditional marketing methods, but affiliate marketing with Omnistar is the way to go. Omnistar is a portal that lets you connect with relevant influencers in your industry. You then pay these affiliates to market your product for you. Because the recommendations are coming from individuals and not ads, potential customers might be more willing to trust your business. Currently, Omnistar integrates with numerous other apps, including MailChimp, PayPal, and more, to provide an effortless experience.


Knowing for sure that everything is working properly on your site can be hard. Like the name of this tool implies, UserTesting lets you tackle this hurdle by hiring independent contractors to peruse your site and provide valuable feedback. You’ll get opinions from unbiased human beings. They might bring up things you never thought about, such as how the shopping cart logo is too hard to see or how it’s too difficult to get to the contact page.

Making it as an eCommerce business is challenging, but when you employ the use of some of the above tools, the challenge becomes a lot easier.