5 ways entrepreneurs can increase their productivity and concentration

5 ways

Being an entrepreneur is a full-time job which keeps you switched on 24/7. When you are a business owner, while you are sleeping, your company may be earning a profit or lose it. You can’t afford to procrastinate, delay the deadlines of your tasks, or delegate someone else to do your job when the success of your company is in the play. As an entrepreneur, you need to stay focused on your tasks at all times and do your best to achieve your goals because in the business landscape you can only succeed with hard work.

Learning how to stop procrastinating and get things done can be really difficult. It isn’t something that just happens by accident. It takes motivation and commitment to stop wasting time and start getting things done without leaving them for tomorrow.

We all know that finding the motivation to beat procrastination and stay focused on your tasks is difficult. Luckily, there are a few 5 scientifically proven ways that can help you increase your productivity and concentration when you are a busy entrepreneur.

1.      Play background music for improved concentration

Music is an important part of our lives because it allows us to experience and express intense feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Music has the magical power of taking you back to a certain moment and memory within seconds. Only hearing a few notes from your favorite song can boost your mood and make your body feel an urge to dance. Thus, it should come as no surprise that listening to background music while working can be extremely beneficial for improving your productivity and focus.

Several studies have shown that there is a strong connection between playing background music while working and improved concentration. First of all, music can boost your positive mood because your brain will release the neurotransmitter called dopamine which reduces anxiety and stress. A positive mood will result in improved motivation, creativity, and increased productivity which will help you complete your tasks faster and with the best possible results.

However, there is a tricky thing about listening to music to increase your productivity. studies show that not all music is good for improving focus and concentration. Simply put, vocals and lyrics in the background music can reduce your mental performance because they can act as distractions. Thus, when choosing background music for your office’s ambiance, make sure you download free music without lyrics or vocals.

2.      Use technology for better time and task management

In the business landscape, time equals money. Thus, keeping up with deadlines, tasks, and meeting is paramount. You can’t afford to waste your time on unimportant tasks instead of getting done the things that matter. Yet, with everyday challenges that you may face as an entrepreneur, it can be easy to forget about an important deadline or meeting which can have a negative impact on your business.

Luckily, in today’s digital world, you have task and time management tools to help you stay on top of your responsibilities at your fingerprints. You can use your smartphone to download a calendar app in which you can set reminders, create to-do lists, and schedule all your meetings. The app will remind you about all the tasks you must take care of so you will no longer have to worry about forgetting about an essential duty.

There is a complex psychology behind the benefits of using to-do-lists to increase your productivity. Our brains love to function based on an organized order of the tasks. When you create a to-do-list with all your responsibilities, you get a structure that can help you stay focused on the things you need to get done and ensure that each of them is fulfilled at the end of the day.

3.      Know when to unplug from technology

In today’s digital world, when we all have constant access to the internet, receive emails and messages all the time, and get distracted by the latest social media notifications, staying focused on your tasks is harder than ever before. Recent mobile usage statistics show that the US adults spend on average 5 hours online daily. Thus, it is easy to understand how your ability to focus can wither due to all these endless distractions.

Technology plays a huge role in helping you access unlimited amounts of information within seconds which can help you with your tasks. However, sometimes, in order to get things done, you have to put technology aside to be able to focus on your work. Yes, it is possible to ignore phone calls, texts, and emails even when you are an entrepreneur. In order to finish your work on time and meet the scheduled deadline, sometimes you have to unplug from technology and limit the access others have to disturb you while you are working.

4.      Take strategic breaks

When you are feeling pressured by a tight deadline, you may feel tempted to work day and night to finish your work without allowing yourself to take any break. In fact, not taking mental breaks will decrease your productivity, concentration, and efficiency. As an entrepreneur, “decision fatigue” is the biggest enemy when the success of your company is into the play. Not taking breaks can lead to simplistic and even mistaken decision-making and procrastination.

Medical specialists explain that taking strategic breaks is one of the best ways to stay focused on your tasks and perform at optimal levels. Allowing your brain to relax for a few minutes will help you restore motivation and get back to your task with a freshen mind and better ideas. Strategic breaks will help you increase your productivity and creativity which will lead to better results in your work.

5.      Set up your work ambiance

The work ambiance also plays a huge role in increasing your productivity and improving your focus and concentration. Your office should be an environment that enhances your creativity, improves your focus, and helps you maintain a positive mood. There are many elements that should be part of an encouraging workspace such as plants, colors that encourage creativity and calmness such as blue, yellow, and green, ergonomic furniture, and a clean and healthy space.