Online Passive income is currently a great source to make money. Passive income basically refers to the hard work and effort you put in something to generate continuous cash flow even when you are not working. The difference between active and passive income is- In case of active income, you get money for the hours of work you do..

But, in case of passive income, you don’t need to be working regularly or be present at the office to receive cash, for more way’s to make money online check out this guide. You can be simply sitting somewhere or even sleeping while making money in the process. The following 5 points will explain how you can make wealth by passive income online.

  1. Make money with P2P websites

These websites allow investors to invest on the website and the borrowers to take a loan from the investors without involving any financial institution or bank. As an investor, you earn interests on the money you lend to the borrower which you receive with greater profits due to the applied interest rate on it till the pay-back period. Grupeer is one of the finest P2P lending websites that provides you to earn profits on your investment returns up to 13% interest rate. The website secures all investment loans by ‘Buyback guarantee’ if the borrower is late to pay back your loan in the stipulated time frame.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

This one is the biggest source to make online profits by making sales for other brands through product promotions. As an affiliate marketer, you need to have your own blog or website and sign up for the affiliate programs. You need to promote products through referral links or by ads with a brief customer-centric product description. Whenever viewers click on your referral links or ads, they will be directed to the product page of the brand. As soon as they purchase anything from there you earn a commission from the brand based on the selling price. One of the biggest affiliate programs is Amazon affiliate program offering your range of products to promote and make a sale with good commissions.

  1. Writing E-books

E-books are a great way to have healthy profits from passive income. There are plenty of niches to choose for your book like Sci-Fi, health and fitness, Education, Fashion, Erotica, Fantasy, Romance, etc. You don’t need to write a huge 500-page book, a 100 or 200 pages will do well. Make sure you give an eye-grabbing title, a precise introduction and try to make your chapters as much engaging as possible for the readers. Submit your e-book in Amazon Kindle direct publishing and make money from the sold copies of your book after getting published by Amazon.

  1. Be a Blog writer

Just like E-books, you can also make money by Blogging. You need to create contents that can add value to the readers. Here also you can choose different genres for Blogging like an e-book but for best results, go for the topics that are currently trending on Web. Research about the topics and add value to your content by being informative and most importantly what are your views about the topic. You need to interact with readers in order to have a strong fan base for your blog and monetize from it. You can go for PPC ads, Affiliate marketing to make additional profits from your blog part from earning on your reader’s fan base.

  1. By Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real estate Crowdfunding websites allow you to make money from third Party properties by inventing directly on them or on its investment requirement. There are multiple crowdfunding websites like Fundrise, Realty Mogul, Equity Mogul having minimum criteria of $500, $1000 and $5,000 respectively. These websites ask you to submit your deposit amount first as per their minimum investment criteria and then suggests you with the real estate choices that suit your needs. Once you select them, you become an investor of those third party properties and eventually you can gain profits based on their monthly rent value or property selling price.