5 Ways to Easily Set Up an SEO Content Strategy


SEO strategies separate the good online content marketers from the bad. Is your plan on point?

Online content represents roughly 20% of your ranking in Google’s search results. With another 10 percent coming from your social media pages, you can start to build a picture of how search engines see you based on these two factors alone.

Not happy? Don’t panic. Creating a SEO solution for your firm starts with a great content strategy. It’s not enough to create content when you feel like it. You need to be churning it out regularly and to high standards of quality. Cut and paste and you will never be forgiven.

So let’s review 5 ways you can make setting up a SEO online content strategy as easy for yourself as possible. It’s just good business sense.

The Best 5 Ways to Simplify SEO Content Strategies

Here are all the ways you can get better reach out of your content.

1 – Hire a Professional

You might have seen this coming, but step one was always going to be to turn this over to a highly skilled professional. Online SEO content strategies are a specialty of Grapefruit SEO company, but there are any number of firms that can take you through this safely.

SEO strategies are something that you can do yourself, however, it doesn’t mean that you should. It’s akin to the difference between trying to fix a leaking pipe by yourself. You can do it, but you are far better to call in a plumber.

2 – Develop your Customer Persona

Just like a new business requires an excellent sense of brand persona, a good SEO content strategy requires a sound knowledge of your customer persona. You can’t aim your content at a client you don’t know anything about. Like all great business plans, if you operate in a customer-centric fashion, you won’t go wrong.

Knowing your customer persona well means knowing where the content they favour lies. If you sell to retirees, you can bet your bottom dollar their morals and values are different to a teen’s. You can collect research from Google Analytics, user research and feedback. 

3 – Identify Crossover

Now that you know your consumer so well, you should be able to identify areas where your product or service matches their interests. This is your key selling point in terms of content marketing strategies. It is through crossover areas that you will be able to isolate the content that is going to appeal to your clients. This is the gold dust you have been searching for.

4 – Pick your Angle

Using these areas of crossover between consumer interests and your produce, you can create an angle that works for both. This is easier than it sounds. If you have a taxi rank, for example, and you often run young people home from clubs, pubs, clubbing, and festivals is going to be a key content area for you. If you are a cafe owner and you have mostly elderly people visiting your café, daytime TV, gardening, and the radio are likely to be content areas.

5 – List some Topics

Once you have picked your SEO content angle, the strategy writes itself. If you can’t spot crossover topics, hand it over to a professional or even a writer. They can spot them for you, allowing you to develop a timed release of your new content ideas.

Next, put these ideas into order, then enter them into a diary. Having a specific calendar devoted to the creation of new content will really help you keep track. Don’t forget to link from social media every time you post a new piece of content. Backlink to yourself often and get a weekly or monthly blog set up. 

If you follow all these tips, you should be able to easily set up your own SEO friendly content marketing strategy in no time at all.