5 Ways to Handpick The Best Front end Engineers for Your Startup by Gaurav Bhattacharya


Building an ideal startup team is not easy. Finding tech experts, especially front end engineers, take a lot of time and effort. In spite of being the CEO of a tech-based startup and having a strong technical background, I had to wait too long to acquire the right team of front end developers. 

Since front end engineers are responsible for the development of the website elements that customers see and interact with directly; you would want to hire developers who possess vast knowledge and relevant experience. Below are some tips that helped me choose my perfect front end development team. Hopefully, these will help you too.


An eye for Visual Aesthetic 

The sound knowledge of HTML and CSS is a must for every front-end developer. However, they must have a great sense of aesthetics too.

Though front end developers are hired to design a website’s functionality and aesthetics, you should still consider a candidate’s visual design sense. Ensure that their visual aesthetic matches your brand’s aims. This is something I definitely look for when recruiting front-end developers.

Remember, the candidate you’re assessing must be capable of replicating the desired design. Moreover, they must be able to recommend visually-appealing features as a bonus to create a great user experience.  

Attention to Small Details

Front-end developers are responsible for the overall design of a website. Therefore, they can’t overlook small details like font size, text spacing, working links, and popups. You can evaluate this skill based on the candidate’s willingness to work, thoroughness, and capability to stick with tasks throughout the hiring process. 


Critical Thinking

I think you all will agree on this. For any web developer, critical thinking skills are must-have. A front-end developer must have excellent problem-solving capabilities. They should always be ready to look upon innovative and efficient ways to execute a feature in terms of complexity. 

When assessing candidates for this skill, it is a good idea to give them a real-life problem scenario to solve which they might face upon working on prospective projects.


Patience is Must

This is the trait that most startups often overlook when evaluating a developer. Since the job of front-end developers includes combining a lot of elements such as designing, programming, and more, this may result in frustration at some point. A front-end developer has to deal with a lot of bug fixes, cross-platform issues, and page testing; it takes a lot of patience to make all these happen. 

Love for Learning New Things

Since technology keeps changing, front-end engineers must keep themselves up-to-date with the current technologies and practices to enhance their skills and stay relevant. Consequently, you should check if the candidate is aware of the current trends and development practices. You must ask them how they keep themselves updated. 

You may also ask them what inspires them to work. It will help you find out whether or not candidates’ goals are aligned with your company.

These are a few of the qualities you must look into a front end engineer. Good luck with fishing for amazing engineers!