Nowadays communication landscape is dictated by technology. The mission for 2019 should be to become consciously tech obsessive and start talking to your customers through devices they are hooked on. In the spirit of the New Year, we’ve prepared a list of 5 ways you can better market to your clients in the not so distant future.

Communicate Through User-Generated Content

UGC is hands down the best way to improve your marketing communication. Thanks to the recent technological advancements, user content is going to get better and better. Believe it or not, with the percentage of users blocking ads rising every day, user-generated content is becoming essential to gaining the trust of new customers and retaining the existing ones. UGC is authentic and thus people appreciate seeing themselves in your content feed, they feel more at ease to advertise the product themselves. UGC is inexpensive, your customers are creating the content for you, moreover, they are bringing their audience to the table. Then, of course, there is the matter of tracking UGC, and often marketers find the task rather daunting. Thankfully, technology has already solved this problem with just a single tractable link.

 Optimize Communications Using Digital Signage

Digital signage is an important channel for communicating with clients. Market Research Future (MRFR) has recently issued a new report in which the digital signage market is estimated to touch USD 26.3 billion globally in just a few years, by 2022. So, this is certainly something you need to look into while thinking of the ways to improve communication with your clients. Such professional digital signage software companies like Kitcast.tv can help you reach your target audience and establish a sustainable communicating with it.  Kitcast guarantees more customer engagement, user-friendly solution for any user, no limitation set by time and space. It is cost-effective and, just as a bonus, you can forget about paper and plastic waste. Genius, right?

 Welcome AI

Artificial intelligence transforms customer experience and, just like within any other industry, the possibilities are infinite. Customers love artificial assistance, Alexa and Siri have been household names for a while now. All AI-driven devices or software are time-saving, by adding AI communication channel with simple text or voice commands you’ll be saving your customers a lot of time. As these devices become more advanced so do their features, now we have AI that can, unlike humans, quickly sift through hips of information and give a personalized feedback to the customers. As technology evolves we are beginning to witness the ability to obtain client insights, analyzing info and present it to customer service in a structured and useful way. This technology not only allows companies to create faster, more personalized experience, but to also gain insights and advantages to lead customer experience in the future.

 Communicate With Videos

If for some reason you aren’t on board with video content by now – it is a major step backward for your brand. Videos are the most effective way for customer engagement, improving the brand awareness, advertising, targeting audience. It is crucial for any business to understand how important video content has become on every platform and channel. Videos are easily consumed and just as easily shared. This year we’ve seen a full transformation of videos from a simple marketing tactic to an entire business strategy. If you want your business to improve communications with customers, invest in video content and watch your brand grow and thrive.

 Communicate Through Storytelling

Storytelling is essential to marketing communications. Nowadays it is an effective way to differentiate and separate the invisible brands from the ones that stand out. Stories make people experience the information instead of consuming it. This is why storytelling is highly effective with customer engagement. Forbes Communication Council expert Holly Tate wrote: “The market will continue to get noisier and brands that create human connections through the art of story will rise. This means that now more than ever, becoming a prolific writer and communicator is a key characteristic of effective marketers”.