web development

The world of web development is ever-evolving. Some trends from last year will carry though to this year, but we’re seeing some new ones that will push the industry further. From the way we scroll through pages to how we’re alerted of new content, these five trends are changing the world of web development in 2018.

1. One-Page Site Designs

A single-page website isn’t a new concept, but it’s taken some time for this trend to really catch on. With more people browsing the web on mobile devices than ever before, it only makes sense to condense everything to a single page.

Multi-page websites are still running the show, but we’re seeing more businesses turn to single-page concepts to boost conversion rates. They’re easy to scroll through, and there’s no need to worry about usability issues.

2. A Focus on Mobile-First Design

Developers have been talking about the importance of mobile design for years, but now we’re seeing more focus on mobile-first design instead of just trying to make sure that our website looks good on desktop and mobile.

Adaptive and responsive design is still important, but if the majority of your customers come to your site via mobile devices, it may be time to consider a mobile-first design.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Web Hosting

Artificial intelligence is progressing quickly, but we’ve yet to see it used in web hosting and developing applications – until now.

AI-based solutions help web designers test integration and security issues, make improvements to a site’s performance and even test the responsiveness of a site.

Wix, the cloud-based web development platform, has added Artificial Design Intelligence into the mix. It asks questions about your business and design, and then it creates a website based on your answers.

4. Push Notifications

Have you noticed that many websites now ask you if they can send you push notifications? Push notifications are quickly becoming a staple in web development and many sites are incorporating them into their design.

When visitors agree to allow you to send push notifications, they’re giving you permission to let them know when you add new content – without them having to check their email. They’re helpful in keeping visitors coming back to your website and can help boost conversion rates.

5.  Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web apps are making a big impact this year. Progressive web apps (PWAs) are based largely on the idea that the Internet has evolved, especially with the mass adoption of HTML 5. PWAs are at a point where they can provide the same functionality and seamless experience that native apps offer – but directly from your mobile browser.

The benefit, of course, to PWAs is that developers no longer need to create multiple apps across multiple mobile platforms. A single app can be created and used across all platforms and devices without worrying about functionality issues.

These five trends are changing the world of web development by making content easier to access and using AI to create designs that work for each individual business. As the industry continues to evolve, we’re sure to see more trends that aim to streamline the design process and make content even more accessible.