Take a 5 ‘C’ Approach to Your Office Move


What is 5 ‘C’ Approach to Your Office Move

You will be amazed by the things you discover when you take a 5C approach to your next office move. The 5 Cs are; collaboration, clearing out, categorizing, cleaning, and continuous improvement. One of the most amazing discoveries you may find, is the removal of all the reasons for moving office in the first instance.

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Get everyone who uses your current office together, and involve them in your office move. Set them the challenge of creating a triple zero office, so you can start from the ideal position in your new premises; zero waste, zero delay and zero accidents. Ask them to question every practice, every process and every piece of equipment, so that only those essential to your work go with you into the new office space. Remember 2 things; firstly, the person doing the job knows it best, and secondly nobody likes being changed. They have a need to be involved and in charge of changes that concern them.

Clearing out

Involve everybody in a total clear out of your office furniture, equipment, documents, and computing space. Mark every individual item with a red flag, if it has not been used in the last 3 months. Be ruthless in getting rid of that red flag stuff. Be sure to update your asset register and inform your accountant of items written off. If you need it once a year, then hire it at the time of need. Remember your computer memory space. PC drives need regular cleaning and ‘defragmentation’. Any software systems rarely used just takes up valuable space and slows your processing.


Have an office reorganisation day. Find a place for everything and put everything it’s place. Give everything an address and make it visual, so that you can see at glance and so everyone knows where everything is; the stapler is either at home or it is in use. It really does save time wasted in looking for misplaced items.


An office that is clean and shining is a workplace people take pride in. The benefits of orderliness and cleanliness are all in productivity and good feeling. If and when you move to a new office you can carry over the lessons learned for keeping an office clean and begin as you mean to go on.

Continuous improvement

It’s a truism that ‘work expands to fill the time allowed for it’ and it’s equally true that your new office space will fill with stuff up to its limit. Unless your people contain this natural tendency. The way to do this is to have them focus on continuously improving the conditions that breed waste, delays and accidents. Repeat the first 4 Cs monthly. Be aware and train them to seek and eliminate waste in all its many forms; stock, overproduction, movement, transportation, talent, misunderstanding, time and mistakes.

If you implement these 5 Cs you may discover that you do not need to move at all and your ideal office is the same one you never knew you had all along. The top tip is to do the 5 Cs before you sign a new office lease.

Make sure that you move your office in style!