6 Advantages of Using Online Fax in 2020


Faxing still remains an important part of the daily lives of professionals and businesses around the World.  Despite losing a great part of the popularity it enjoyed during the 80s and 90s, faxing is still preferred to send and receive important documents.

Nowadays, in the midst of a virus outbreak, working remotely is important to ensure social distancing, as well as ensuring work documents are shared securely.  Online faxing makes sure you can keep sharing documents without having to rely on a fax machine.  It takes the technology to the next level, enabling us to fax over an Internet connection.

If you are new to the world of digital fax, let me share with you some of the biggest advantages of this technology.

1. It’s Easy to Implement

Getting started with an online fax solution shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes. Once you’ve decided which service and plan you would like to use, you can just complete the sign up process and have a fax line ready to receive faxes.

Online fax services have at their hand a lot of fax numbers ready to be used, you just need to provide your email address, where all incoming faxes will arrive. You can send fax from Gmail or any other free email of your preference.

2. It’s Secure

One of the main reasons people and businesses prefer fax is because it’s safe.  When you send a fax you can be completely sure it has arrived in the correct hands. Faxes are legally binding, that’s why they are preferred to send and sign contracts, business proposals, and also to share information in industries where patient and client information are of the greatest importance.

Online fax transmissions are usually handled with 256-bit point to point encryption, and depending on your service you can have additional security options like encrypted messages and password protection.

3. Fax Files Directly from your Computer

With digital faxing you can convert a digital file into fax.  That’s right, instead of having to print and scan a document you simply upload the file and send them in your fax message.  Powerful fax servers will then convert this file into an analog fax transmissions so it remains compatible with common fax machines.

You can use it to fax a PDF to a fax machine, to send digital images, Word documents, spreadsheets, text documents and hundreds of other file types.

4. It Doesn’t Require a Fax Line

If you are using a fax machine, you are probably paying for a dedicated fax line.  Analog fax and phone lines are no different, but if someone lifts up the phone during the transmission of a document it will interrupt it. That’s why many people prefer having a separate line to plug to the fax machine.

With online fax you can forget about the costs a new landline.  At the moment of creating your account with any online fax service you can have an already active fax number (local or toll-free) that will be linked to your virtual line.

5. It’s Portable

One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional fax technology is that it’s stationary.  You pick a spot in the office to locate the machine and well you have to stand next to it any time a new fax comes your way or whenever you want to send one.

Modern fax services have developed apps that you can use to send and receive fax from pretty much anywhere.  To compose a fax you can upload a file or take a photo of a document.  Incoming faxes will automatically arrive to your app, from where you can read them, print them or save them.

6. The Perfect Solution for Virtual Work

The World is now more than ever ready to embrace remote work technology.   Many time are now staying at home but the need to send fax documents is still important.  Using an online fax service can prove to be the best option to deal with sensitive documents and avoid the hazards of common emails and instant messaging.