When it comes to small businesses, owners and managers are so busy increasing their sales and growing their companies, they don’t think much about faxing until they have to actually do it. And, despite faxing being seen as an outdated technology, it’s still very necessary in the office environment.

It’s true, the traditional fax machine is now outdated, but cloud-based online fax services that rely on the internet and email have modernized this technology, while retaining its advantageous functionalities.

Why should you choose an online fax service?

Internet faxing does not rely on conventional phone lines. Rather, it lets you send and receive faxes of any electronic document. You can send these faxes to others’ fax machines via e-mail, without ever needing a fax machine of your own.


Some of these services offer a 30-day free trial, and afterward, you’ll just pay around $10 to $50 monthly if you decide to keep the service. Other services with no trial period will typically cost the same on a monthly basis.

When you buy a fax machine, you will pay around $150 to $300. Then, you will have the added costs of ink, paper, toner, replacement parts, maintenance, phone lines, and more electricity usage.

All you must do to get an online fax service is sign up on that service site by completing a simple form, including your regular information, an email address, and payment information. You will also get a choice of fax numbers to choose from. So, there is no extra cost. You’ll just pay a small monthly fee for the service.

In addition to it being a lot more affordable, it is very convenient. As mentioned before, there won’t be any big, clunky, fax machine that can break down or run out of paper, ink, or toner. Also, after signing up and connecting the online fax to your email, you can send and receive important faxed documents practically anywhere. You won’t have to be on a fax phone line. The faxes received will go to your email that is connected to the online fax service.

Digital Signatures
Faxes are still very important due to signatures. In many cases, faxed signatures tend to have more legal standing than signatures sent in other methods. So, many of these services have the option to use personalized digital signatures.


Your business can easily become disorganized when you have a lot of faxes coming in. Furthermore, it’s easy to lose papers – and to forget to make backup copies. Online faxing can back up documents you send and receive to a cloud, so that you always have them handy.

Not to mention, it can be quite frustrating to go through a pile of paper for that important document for an account, an invoice, a presentation, etc. You also can simply save the faxes on the computer or a flash drive.


You will gain more security due to receiving faxes in your email inbox. You won’t have the risk of prying eyes looking at your documents. Also, you’ll have the power to only print out the documents you want your employees to see.

Another security aspect of online fax systems is their built-in encryption system, such as OpenSSL, to protect your data. However, traditional faxing uses an unsecured phone line.

Environmentally Friendly

When running a business, eco-friendly dealings may not be your top priority, but online faxing lets you be green without thinking too much about it. Ditch the waste that comes with paper and ink/toner cartridges. The internet is the future, and online faxing is very conducive to that outlook.