6 Best Ways for Making your Brand Recognized


If you’re a business person, what do you wish most for your product? Standing out from the crowd and getting recognized by many people. And this is one of the main reasons why brands promote their products be it offline or online. For one particular type of product, there are hundreds of brands that are catering to the audience. If you want to stay in the business and reach more audience then you must make your brand most recognizable. More than 80% of people have said that they favor brands that they recognize and are known of. 

The marketing goal of a brand is to make sure that people recognize a brand anywhere and first think of your brand when they plan to purchase a product in your niche. Do you remember brands based on their color, logo, or advertisement jingle? Yes, people remember things that are attractive, funny, or just interesting. There would have been a lot of instances in your life, where you have remembered an advertisement jingle and purchased products because you like their marketing and advertising.

It is quite common, creating a lasting image and getting them to recognize your brand is actually the primary goal of any brand. So if you are a brand that is looking for ways to improve your reach and make your brand recognized.

Here are the best ways for making your brand recognized in your audience.

Define your brand

One of the most important things that a brand can do to grab the attention of its audience is defining its brand. Before anything else, you must answer questions relating to your brand like what do your brand and products offer and where do they stand compared to others in the market. Research for both the rational and emotional needs of your audience and make sure your products offer solutions to their distress. Develop a tone and brand character for your audience to relate too. It is one of the easiest ways to connect and understand your audience. And it will be more beneficial if you start it right from the beginning. Think of your brand as a person, give it a face. It becomes easier for your audience to relate too. When your brand becomes a person it will have its own set of values and beliefs. They will decide who you’re and what do you stand for? It will improve communication with your audience along with impact.

Brand story

Having a brand story is also one of the most interesting ways to make your brand recognizable. You can share a heartwarming back story of your brand. It can include details about how you started, the initial struggles, the milestones, the goals, the reason behind starting your business, etc. Nothing like an enduring story, it can grab the attention of the audience and help them in understanding your brand values and beliefs. For anyone to start buying your products they must believe your brand. And a compelling story will do just that for you. When they know you they will easily trust your brand.

Active on social media

It is not an exaggeration to say that social media has become a part of people’s everyday lives. From fun interactions to serious news, everything little detail is discussed on social media platforms. Not only people strike conversations with their family and friends, but they can also have close interactions with their favorite celebrities too. So why should brands be left behind? All the brands are interacting with their customers over social media. And these interactions are bringing them closer and understand their audience preferences better. The brands are using influencer marketing to appeal more to their audience. Apart from that, they can share every detail about the exciting offers, discounts, sales, and new product details. You can even conduct online contests to grab the attention of your users. So social media has become an avenue that is improving communication and making brands more recognizable. People who have never heard of you before are also knowing about you and products. Is it not cool? 


Who doesn’t like free stuff, can you really name one person from your friends or family circle who has said no to freebies? No, right. It doesn’t matter what you’re receiving, one just likes the feeling of getting freebies with their purchase or otherwise. So you can come up with cool give away or promotional items to promote your brand. And the long term benefit of these freebies is that they will keep you in your audience’s minds for a long time. Whenever they look at the promotional gift or give away an item you gave, they will remember your brand. One important thing is that the promotional item you choose should reflect your brand’s personality. If your business is running on a tight budget. You might be quite worrying. But relax! Under a buck is here for your rescue. From Accessories to toys, you will find a variety of promotional items that will come within your budget. Amaze your customers with your custom printed branded swag.

Partner with local businesses

Another interesting strategy to make yours recognizable is collaborating with the local brands. Simply put local businesses in your niche or related to your niche. This collaboration is a win-win situation for both you and the other business involved. You will again have exposure within the local community and the local business will gain exposure within your audience base. You can either partner them for festivals, seminars, etc. Another interesting way is to sponsor any sports or other events, donating for charity, etc. Associating your name with any of the regional events will give your brand the exposure you cannot imagine. It will really do big things for your business and take it to new heights.

Be your own version 

There may already be hundreds of brands that are selling similar products as you but as said above you must have your own unique personality. So be as innovative as possible, if necessary makes bold choices that will help your business. And most importantly stand for what you believe in. If you’re a small business that is quite new, then right from the start you must bring a unique take of your products, ideas, and beliefs to your customer. Focus and promote the USP (unique selling point) of your business. Never ever try to imitate the big brands within your industry. Just be your own version and make your brand more flexible to your customer needs.


The world is evolving, so should your business. If you’re not part of the evolution, naturally your competitors will surpass your business. So you must do everything in your power to promote your business among your audience. Sticking your logo on the packaging and sending notes and emails on your customer’s special days will no more cut it out. You need a more effective strategy to communicate and make your brand recognizable. These are the few tips that help you in reaching your targeted audience. Use these strategies and with time adopt new avenues to make your brand recognizable to your customers. Remember the moment they are more familiar with your brand, your sales will skyrocket taking your business to new heights.