6 Do’S And Dont’s For A Successful Startup


What is it that makes a successful startup, and a startup that just never properly takes off? What do the successful startups do that other startups don’t? The following 6 do’s and don’ts will give you a good idea!

Do Create A Business Plan

Creating a business plan isn’t compulsory, but it can help you in many different ways when you’re just starting out. A business plan can help you to keep moving forward, as well as secure funding from sources like banks, loan companies, and investors. They will want to see what your plans are, why this business will work, and anything else that will tell them whether they’ll get their money back. You can include things like a Plan A and Plan B, as well as an exit plan. This might seem tedious, but it’s an important part of creating a successful startup.

Don’t Get Put Off By Mistakes

You should never get put off by mistakes – simply learn from them. Some of the biggest entrepreneurs out there made a ton of mistakes when starting out, and still do now! The key is to learn from them. People like Richard Branson openly admit to making mistakes in business.

Develop a business identity

Business identity is critical to sustainable success.  It’s how people distinguish you from your competitors, and more importantly, it allows consumers to align their own perceptions to your brand values.  The identity, although it sounds like a buzzword, is something for you forge and define over time, that naturally runs through all aspects of your business.  It’s the impression of your business you want to present to any potential customer, from business sign or logo through to a digital marketing plan or customer communications.  There is a science behind creating an identity that can have a real impact on how people perceive your business, and the connection people develop with your brand, so make sure they are positive!

Don’t Get Too Attached

You should never get too attached to the way you do things. Times change, industries evolve, and so do people. This means your business is going to need to go with the flow too. Some people get too attached to the way they do things, refuse to change, and stunt their growth because of it. Don’t make the same mistake.

Do Make Sure You Focus On Cash Flow

Focusing on cash flow within your business is going to keep you going in the long run. Spending everything you have coming in is never a good idea. You’ll need money to pay yourself, your employees, business costs, repairs, etc. Any costs that are associated with your business. This is why it’s a good idea to hire an accountant right at the start.

Don’t Forget To Do Market Research

Market research is going to tell you numerous things. It’ll tell you more about your audience and what they want so you can create a product/service that pleases them, as well as marketing campaigns geared towards them. It’ll also tell you whether there’s a gap for your business, and if it’s viable. You might think your business idea is great and unique, but that doesn’t mean others will. You don’t have to be a large multinational company to complete market research.  There are various methods, opinion polls, questionnaires and even techniques you can garner using a social media strategy to collect very important information on products or services you may offer.  Never neglect your market research!