6 Easy Ways to Find Remote Jobs


To most people, acquiring a remote job is like a dream come true. According to an article by Forbes, 68% of workers in the United States look forward to working remotely. Remote jobs have several benefits. For instance, you get to work at home, spend more time with your family, avoid traffic, work from anywhere, and organize your time as you wish.

Consequently, many employers embrace working from home because it is cheap and reduces congestion in the workplace. However, it can be a bit challenging to find remote jobs. That said, here are six easy ways you can find remote jobs.

Use Remote Jobs Boards

When looking for a remote job, the first place you are likely to check for one is on the job boards. There are many job boards where you can find remote jobs like WeWorkRemotely.com, WorkingNomads.co, SearchRemotely.com, and among others. However, you are likely to experience disappointment when you search remotely for jobs without the proper skills. Most of these websites are overcrowded with individuals seeking remote jobs. However, if you are patient, you will get a job.

Currently, there is a lot of demand for remote jobs. Therefore you need to become more creative when writing job applications and when marketing yourself. Also, make sure that you use the right job boards that list legit remote jobs. Some of them will send you a notification when a job matching your skills is available.

Use Keywords for Your Job Search

It is advisable to use keywords whenever you search remotely for jobs. The most common is “remote jobs,” but it isn’t the only one. Other keywords include work from home, home-based, telework, and so forth. Different organizations use different terms to refer to remote jobs.

Expand Your Network

Another easy way to find remote jobs is to expand your network. You can follow the company, its leaders, and mentors on social media or call the HR when necessary. This way, you will be the first person to know when a job position becomes available.

Craft an Appealing Resume

When you search remotely for jobs, it is important to note that you are not alone. Therefore you need to have an appealing resume that will put you on top of the others. In your resume, you can highlight some of the software tools you can use or show that you have excellent communication skills by writing an error-free resume.

Look Locally

It might come as a surprise, but some companies only offer remote jobs to individuals living in a particular geographical area. You have a better chance of getting a job from companies within your locality.

Cold Pitching

This is a marketing technique that is popular among job seekers. Cold pitching is more effective when looking for remote jobs compared to waiting for one. All you have to do is select a company you are interested in and send your pitch. If you are convincing enough, the company will have no choice but to hire you.

The above ways will help you find remote jobs with ease. However, you have to remain productive, considering the challenges involved. Remote jobs are not ideal for everyone. It is suitable for individuals who are self-driven and who can work without supervision.