6 online money making methods


How to earn money online?

Finance experts are predicting the year 2013 will be a good one for economy to rise up. However, it is still worrisome. In times like these we often feel relieved when we have an alternate source of income to feed our financial hunger. The combination of technology and your skills could prove to be a good money making opportunity. Whether you are looking to put some cash in your pocket or make significant part time money, put the following ideas into use and make money working online.

1. Selling arts and crafts online

If you have the skill in making jewelry, arts, crafts etc then you can make them and sell them on online stores. Sites like “Etsy”, “Artfire” etc are popular marketplaces where you can sell handmade goods and vintage collections.
Some of the things you can make are designer iPad cases, tees shirts for kids, do designer works on dresses for girls etc. if you are skilled in traditional art then you must put your skills to full use and sell the products on online gallery for traditional artists. If you own digital files like e-books, songs, wallpapers then upload them online and sell them for a good price.

2. Sell your photographs

Are you an above average photographer? If so, you can make money online, all you need to do is license your best photos to microstock agencies like iStockphoto, Shutterstock etc. You will face some tough competition but thousands of photographs are purchased by web designers and electronic publishers for their story illustrations. So you will make a decent amount of money if you have good photographs. Do some research as to what the buyers look for and sell them to make money. Some popular photograph categories include sports, food, nature etc.
If you are a photograph who excels in fine art then sell them on print on demand sites like imagekind. You can name a price based on the size and the sites take for cutting, printing and framing etc.

3. Microjobs and quick picks

Many people to earn extra income take up quick field assignments for companies or do odd jobs for the local business owners or homeowners etc.
Big or small businesses post microjobs through a the app “Gigwalk” which is available for iPhone users. Find such small jobs using this app and complete them. Browse the web for sites like “Task Rabbit” for demand workers, delivery drivers etc. however, this site does a thorough background check.

4. Tutoring

If you have an experience in tutoring, then you can earn money not in just school but also online. All that you will need is a fast internet connection that will enable video chat. Online tutoring is in very much demand for college and grad students, especially for those tutors who specialize in maths, science, finance etc. to get started visit “smarthinking’ or “tutuor”.
If you fluent in a foreign language or experienced as a language tutor then you can earn quite a few bucks through “verbaplanet”.

5. Freelancing

It is the best way to earn money for web graphic designers and writers. There are plenty of freelancing opportunities for those who also excel in writing about fiancé, legal issues, health, home improvement, accounts, computer programming etc. some of the best sites where you can freelance and earn money are iwriter.com, elance.com, guru.com etc. if you are good at typing and type fast then you can go for transcription works, try “tigerfish” to begin with.

6. Telecommute

Find telecommuting jobs, check the job boards regularly for telecommuting works. To find telecommuting jobs type the keyword “telecommuting” and you will find plenty of jobs onlines. Some of the jobs might require small membership fee.

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