6 Personalised Corporate Gifts To Strengthen Your Professional Relationship


Corporate gifts are a token of recognition of a healthy and loyal professional relationship with your employees, clients and vendors. These gifts could play a vital role in gaining popularity for the brand. Your employees will feel a treasured part of the family, your vendors will love appreciation shown to them through these presents, and your clients base will only get stronger. These simple yet effective reasons have the admins and HRs of almost every major company thinking about the unique corporate present they should procure for the work-family. You can pick a traditional present or make way for some nifty gift. Still, anything with utility quotient is unanimously loved by each and everyone and to lend that personal touch; you can get them personalised with names or company logo or both. Here are a few suggestions to make the upcoming corporate gift a sure hit among your workforce.

  1. Personalised Wine Glasses

Everyone loves to have a good time with friends, family and colleagues while they laugh, eat delicious food and sip wine from the trendy and shiny wine glasses. Everyone will appreciate a set of wine glasses personalised with the company logo. It could be used at any small family gathering or to relax at the couch while Netflix and chill during weekend binges.

2. Personalised Plants

A symbol of growth, prosperity and good luck, a healthy green plant will always be welcomed with a big smile on their lips. The indoor plants increase the oxygen flow at the place, making breathing healthier and maintain the positive ambience in the home or office. They can thrive on little care and if you are sceptical that local nursery might not provide personalised plants then pick corporate gift delivery in any city in the country from a reputed online gift portal.

3. Personalised Notebooks

No matter how digital the workspace gets, the age-old charm of pen and paper never seems to fade away. A professional notebook comes in handy more than a computer, whether to make an instant to-do list, note down an address or phone number, jot down a smart idea and so much more. Your staff and vendors will treasure a hardbound notebook personalised with names, and it will also help them to keep their business with the company in one place.

4. Personalised Mugs

Tea, coffee, lemonade or cola, everyone has a favourite beverage to start their day and keep them fueled throughout the day to work efficiently. To make the morning drinks a little more special for everyone, you can pick some beautiful mugs and get them personalised with name and company logo and present them as corporate gifts. Even your vendors and clients will start their work with your company in mind.

5. Personalised Pen Drive With Keychain

Now, this falls under the unique category which could be made special with personalisation. You can get a pen drive with an embedded keychain for your employees and personalise them with names and company logo to prepare for a great utility gift with a message of appreciation. You can lay your hand on such unique gifts on reputed online gift portals.

6. Personalised Flask

In this busy life and race to achieve fame and excellence, people often forget to take care of their physical and mental health. You can always remind them to keep it healthy by presenting them with a personalised flask. A well-hydrated body is home to a healthy body and a fresh mind. If there ever was the nectar of Gods, it was a glass of clean water. 

Putting a personalised spin even on the most popular corporate gifts make it special for everyone to whom you are gifting and sends a message that no matter how big your work family gets, each and every individual is important for the company.