Blogging helps in boosting SEO quality by placing your website as a relevant answer to the questions of your customers. However, a blog post that uses a variety of specific on-page SEO tactics provides you more opportunities to command search engine attention and get more audience and customers to come and visit your site.

Here are 6 proven tips and editorial tactics which can help you rank higher on search engines:

  1. Have An Intensive Keyword Research

If you are going to post contents on your websites, then you might as well take the time to make sure that Google notices your efforts. Take your time and research what phrases and keywords people are searching for and also where you can compete. Then make a keyword spreadsheet where you can keep track of how many times you can use the keywords on your contents. Also, you can use online tools like SEMrush to track where you currently rank for the keywords you choose.


  1. Strategically Use The Keywords

Once upon a time, writing SEO contents meant dumping or filling keywords into your copy. Now, it is not how the game is played anymore. Although it is still a good idea to add target keywords throughout your contents, filling your copy with awkward, forced keywords will not really move it much and might even hurt your ranking.

And so, you need to be tactical about using your targeted keywords to work. Try to include your targeted keyword in the:

  • Title
  • First 300 words
  • H1 or H2

After that, you can try to use variations of your keyword. Also, keep in mind that adding keyword should not be forceful and should naturally fit in your writing. Remember that people using search engines search for a certain phrase because they wish to know more about it or buy it, so it is important that you give them exactly what they are looking for.

  1. Reel Them In With The Headline

Writing a concise yet appealing and engaging headline is the key to get attention. Your headlines are only given a split second to pique the interest of the audience. Your goal is to create a clickable and shareable headline which has integrity and provides a clear idea of what its content is all about.

For SEO practices, it is important that you include your keyword in your headline. In terms of length, follow the 140 characters rule of Twitter. This means you need to keep your meta description around 140 characters and your headlines around 70 characters or less. This length works for most social media and search engine.

  1. Enhance Your Contents With Visuals

The picture is worth a thousand words— we all know that. And it is not an exception in the digital world. As a matter of fact, visual contents are what drive eyeballs in the web. For example, including a complimentary, relevant picture can convey ideas faster than the text alone.

Contents with a good visual are more popular and shared and keep their audience focused since most people do not like reading in long paragraphs and texts. Try to be creative with the visual contents that you add in your copy. Include GIFs, infographics, charts, videos, images and more. And make sure that you optimize its alt text and add your keyword in the file name descriptions.

  1. Links Are The Tethers Of The Digital World

It has been said that “No man is an island” meaning that in order to thrive and survive, you need to be connected with others. And with the vastness of the Internet, links will make sure that your contents are connected with others.

Although this applies to any type of contents despite the channels, written articles particularly need external and internal links. Links are critical to the success of your content since strong links can provide credibility to your articles and build trust with your customers and audiences.

  1. Integrate With Social Media Efforts

Social media continues to impact one’s search engine visibility. This is because search engines incorporate more social signals into their ranking algorithms. A spike of social activity around a certain particular content can indirectly and directly lead to a greater exposure in search engines.

social media
So, it is important that you coordinate content promotion and editorial production through social media. Connect and engage with your audience and other experts on social networks to proactively increase the chances of your contents being seen and shared.


At the center of all this is a high-quality content. Without it, none of these tips matters. So, in order to make your contents succeed, you need to post relevant, well-written content, and don’t forget to get help and connect with SEO experts like SEO Studio in Johannesburg others through social media.