6 Reasons Why Startups Must Focus On SEO Strategy


Today, we’re not going to talk about how a start-up can help to benefit you in the short or long run. In fact, we’re going to focus on how you can work towards your start-up to actually start reaping investments in the near future.

In order to elevate your status amidst competition, you need to do what all entrepreneurs do – you need to overlook outbound marketing and take a leap towards digital marketing to reach your audience for maximum conversions and leads.

Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketer’s dream and nightmare at the same time – and it is a lot more than just choosing a couple of keywords to boost rankings on search engines. Unlike outbound marketing that aims at an audience without knowing whether they’re interested in a brand’s services or not, inbound marketing such as SEO aims to facilitate a target audience so that both the parties can benefit from their mutual interest.

While budding entrepreneurs are overlooking this amazing strategy, we have mentioned 6 reasons why you – an amateur in the field – need to brush upon your SEO tactics right away.

1.    Increases Website Traffic

Search engines such as Google basically rank pages according to their optimized keywords and backlinks so that they can be found easily in response to entered keywords. The biggest concern for brands – especially start-ups – is to rank higher on search engines such as Google, Baidu, Bing and Yahoo! so that their pages can be found organically for better conversions and sales.

In simpler teams, SEO helps online buyers and prospectors to come across your website ‘naturally’, therefore, aiding to increase the quality and number of sales of your brand.

Approximately 93% of people rely on search engines for better experiences online and many warrant an authentic online research to compare options before making a purchase. Ironically, most of the people don’t even dare to go past the first page of their search engines and rely on the content that is posted therein.

Digital marketers believe that they receive more responses, clicks, conversions and sales from SEO than any other strategy they put to use. Content marketing, according to digital marketers, is considered to be the most versatile yet leading SEO tactic on board for a boost in website traffic and consequently, conversions and sales.

2.    Improves Brand Recognition

Apart from improving brand visibility, SEO helps to promote brand awareness, recognition and reputation on a larger platform. With SEO, you’re not only playing with a bunch of highly optimized keywords for better ranking, but you’re also helping your customers to trust and consequently, invest in your brand.

SEO helps to lure customers naturally to your website which allows them to recognize your brand in terms of your services for potential business.

Branding via SEO also helps your start-up to rule out as a distinctive prodigy – this might motivate you to move towards other digital marketing strategies for move conversions and sales.

3.    Advocates a Cost-Effective Experience

Starting your own business requires a lot of investment – we agree – but in order to cut through the slate towards success, you need to act smartly. SEO is a prime digital marketing strategy that doesn’t require you to spend an arm and a leg for better reimbursements.

SEO is perhaps, one of the least expensive and highly cost-effective digital marketing strategies that will allow businesses – whether big or small – to reap investments at a much faster pace.

In order to reach out to a larger audience, you need a better SEO strategy and definitely, a pro digital marketing team that knows exactly what your motives are and how you should tackle them through White Label PPC and other SEO tools.

You can also take a couple of courses and learn how to be a pro at SEO yourself if you can’t delegate the job or hire an SEO marketing team initially. The most important thing is to come clean – even as a start-up – the internet’s where you build your relationships from.

4.    Promotes Friendly User-Experience

SEO helps to rebrand your website and improve its performance by clearly organizing and optimizing its content to a tee. Potential customers and buyers tend to look for a website that not only helps to give them the results they require, but also facilitates their search while they’re at it.

For instance, let’s suppose that your website consists as many as 50 pages comprising of content scattered all over the domain. From ‘About Us’ to ‘Services’ pages, your users are having a lot of trouble navigating towards their desired products and services. You know that all of the information is on your website, but it is all jumbled and user-inhibitive.

All you need to do is add call-to-actions with blended and optimized keywords where required and interlink the pages with backlinks for better navigation and results. SEO helps to optimize and improve a website’s performance to about 40% for a better online experience and outreach.

5.    Helps to Combat Competition

Most businesses tend to make loose promises before starting their online companies in the hopes that it will help them to draw out competition by attracting leads and conversions. In order to make vital promises, you need to rule out your budget, and make sure you execute them with probable actions better conversions.

An optimized website with interlinking and keywords has a far better chance of getting discovered amidst competition. For instance, if a website has enlisted products that have search engine optimized titles, description and content, then it might just surpass and out-brand its competition at a higher leverage.

All you need to do is focus on your website’s content – if your content isn’t as compelling as your competitors’, then SEO alone won’t help to do the job for you. For a rapid turnout towards your website, you need fresh content in the form of compelling copy and blog posts that entice your readers with better enthusiasm.

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6.    Helps to Understand Your Audience

With the help of SEO and its related queries towards your website, you can learn about your audience and generate buyer-related personas to facilitate their shopping experience. SEO will also help you to understand your audience’s interests by analyzing their demographics and psychographics so that you can promote content and services that are in high demand in respective areas and specific groups.

This will eventually help you understand various tactics of consumerism, allowing you to address various digital marketing strategies and therefore, improve your sales as you go.

Every year, there are approximately 50 million start-ups that launch their ideas into the world with the hope to either cut the deal or rest into oblivion. Coming up with an idea for a start-up alone demands a huge round of applause – there are a lot of expectations, ideas and investments at bay – and one wrong move can somehow derail the success of your business.