6 Secrets To Making Your Website Rank Number 1 On Google


Ranking number one is like a dream come true for any business website. If you reach the top spot, you will definitely be more visible and get more traffic. Beyond these benefits, you will win the trust of your customers and get your business ahead of the competition.  However, the challenge of securing the number one spot is formidable. Even the most skilled digital marketers struggle with reaching and retaining the top spot.

So how can you achieve this feat? Is there a proven formula to secure high rankings? Can you do something to sustain your ranking year after year? Though there is no tried and tested process to get there, you can still try some strategies to ensure success in the long run. Let us unveil the secrets to making your website rank number one on Google.

Secret #1: Prioritize user experience

Without any doubt, users matter the most to Google. Therefore, you need to prioritize the user experience that your website delivers. So what are the factors that determine your website’s UX? Primarily, design and usability are the most important ones. Simplified navigation, mobile responsiveness, and good loading speed are other factors that you should consider. All these factors ensure that the user stays longer on your website and has a better chance of a conversion. And of course, you also get the benefit of a high ranking for your website!

Secret #2: Serve valuable content

Besides UX, content is another factor that Google considers while determining search rankings. Not serving valuable content to users means that you are missing a chance to reach the number one spot. Even before you start creating content, you need to know who your users are and understand their intent. Think about the information that they would want and include it in your content. Whether it is your website, blog, articles, or ebooks, every piece of content should deliver value. Also, make sure that the content is unique and readable if you want it to help you reach the top spot.

Secret #3: Ace the keyword game

Another secret hack that will secure the top ranking for your website is to ace the keyword game. If you ask What Is Digital Marketing, it is a set of strategies that get you to the top of the search rankings. SEO is perhaps the most vital amongst these strategies and keyword optimization is the crux of SEO. So it would be accurate to say that the chances of winning the race depend highly on the choice and usage of the right keywords. Ideally, you should think like a customer and identify the keywords that they are most likely to search with. Using less competitive, specific keyword phrases is a good idea because you have better chances to rank with them.

Secret #4: Focus on building high-quality backlinks

Content and keywords are definitely important but you should not underestimate the significance of a healthy backlink profile. High-quality backlinks, in particular, are vital to take your business website to the top. The best way to build them is by collaborating with authoritative sources. You can connect with renowned bloggers and influencers in the industry and convince them to publish your content on their blogs. Once done, you will get powerful backlinks which will have a positive impact on your backlink profile and subsequently the ranking of your website.

Secret #5: Fortify your social media presence

And how can you forget your social media presence if you want to reach the number one position?! Social media is where a majority of customers spend time on and have a strong presence across these platforms definitely gets you a big advantage on the rankings front as well. The content you post on these channels has the potential to attract users to your site. Further, they may also share links to pages if they find the posts engaging enough. This helps your brand build authority and boosts your chances of getting a higher ranking on search engines. Overall, a robust social media presence gets you recognition and people may even start searching your business by brand name.

Secret #6: Follow the latest SEO trends

Another untold secret to winning the search rankings game is by keeping pace with the latest SEO trends. For instance, you cannot ignore the voice search trend as a majority of users search via voice rather than typing phrases these days. To align with voice searches, you must have conversational keywords within your content as this is the way users will search. Also, you need to include video marketing and user-generated content in your SEO strategy to make it to the number one position. Make sure that you keep up with the latest trends and integrate them into your tactics.

Now that you know all the key secrets to reach the top, it will be much easier to aim for it. The best advice is to collaborate with a digital marketing agency that knows the A to Z of online marketing so that they can help you build a sustainable web presence for your business.