6 Things to Consider for a Battery Backup of Your Office Laptop


Laptops have been ruling the roost for a long time now and have started challenging the domination of desktops in offices as well. The ability to be used without a power source for a considerable amount of time gives them the acute advantage which overshadows the limitations that they possess. However, while using the office laptops, battery backup is one of the primary parameters which should be taken care of for efficient use of the systems. Let us have a look at six things to look for a battery backup for your office laptop.

  1. Capacity of the Battery Backup

The first and foremost point which is a must before you zero-in on buying a UPS for battery backup is knowing the capacity of the battery backup you are willing to spend on. Generally in case of places with uneven supply, people tend to have the willingness to buy surge protectors rather than battery backups. However, surge protectors can only safeguard your system from the surge and drop of voltage and will be turned into a piece of box in case of power shutdowns or power loss.

  1. Wire Fault Indications is Must!

A good battery backup with even high capacity is considered as handicapped if it does not come up with a wire fault indications. Wire fault indications have become a must in the present day UPS. In case you have all the parts of the system well set but still the system does not receive power, people go clueless regarding what has gone wrong. With the wire fault indication buttons in present day UPS, you get to know that there is some problem in the wiring of the building or your house etc. Now, once the root of the problem is known, you will have to go looking for ways to fix it rather than just looking for where the problem lies. So, if you have been looking for UPS Battery Backups, a wire fault indication system is must and cannot be neglected even if it comes at a little higher price.

  1. Huge Number of Available Outlets

The number of systems that you will be using in your office is not limited. You might be using just 30 or 40 systems today, but there is ample chance of expansion. So, when you will be expending in future, will it be a good idea to invest once more in your battery backup? The answer of course is no. So, look for a battery backup with huge number of outlets so that it remains functional even after a bit of expansion.

  1. Automatic Voltage Regulation Facilities

A battery backup must control the voltage in order to save the devices from the dangers posed by surge and drop of voltage. So, before buying a battery backup, make sure it works as a surge controller. Also, go for a battery backup with excellent capacity to hold your systems alive for at least a few minutes. This will give you the time to save the work that you have been doing and shut down the system at the time when needed. So, instead of going for a piece of equipment which just protects your system in few scenarios, go for an all-rounder who can bail you out from tough situations all the times. (http://www.thesmartfuture.net/ups-reviews/)

  1. Size of the Machine

The machine should not be huge. It should be suitable for being fitted in a small pace so that you have the rest of the area available for other important works. There are chances of a few outlets losing their wirings and eventually becoming dysfunctional. Also, there might be less optional requirements to work with and this will make it easier for you. So, rather than going for a big machine, select a smaller one.

  1. Network Protection Facilities

Lightning and thunder is a huge scare for any electrical equipment, how far and advanced it may be. There have been ample cases of high business class motherboards and high class equipment being damaged by lightning. In such a scenario, it is a must to have your battery backup equipped with network protection facilities.

So, in case you are looking for an efficient battery backup for your office laptop, make sure you keep these things in mind.