Many businesses are now recognizing employee recognition as an important feature that is directly responsible for staff retention in the long run. Despite its added importance, many companies are struggling to find unique solutions that help their employees realize the worth of their contribution to their business. A generic pat on the back will no longer make do and nor will organizing an event that celebrates the success of all employees as a whole. Your business needs to create programs that reward employees uniquely, to let them know that they are being valued.

Let’s look at 6 unique employee recognition programs that will contribute to your business’ bottom line.

Rewarding Them with Points

Whenever your employee does something extraordinary for the company, you can reward them with ‘points’. Many software platforms now allow you to send small points to employees to recognize their small successes. Overtime, these points accumulate into rewards that can be redeemed for prizes. Employees can either cash them for money or use them to get discounts at favourite outlets such as restaurants.

Power 2 Motivate helps you design rewards programs that recognize your employees for their contribution, without having to break the bank.

Celebrate Their Birthday

It’s one thing to celebrate their anniversary with the company, it’s entirely another to celebrate their birthday. When you take out your personal time and money to celebrate an employee’s birthday, it makes them feel valued. You can give them a time-off during their birthday or take them to dinner. Ignoring their birthdays will feel like they aren’t part of the team, and this can be disastrous to worker productivity.

Leave Sticky Notes

Personalized hand written notes that say ‘thank you’ on them are not only cost-effective but send home the message that you truly do appreciate your employee. Every time you feel they’ve done something good, leave them a ‘thank you’ note on their desk. It will fill them with revitalized emotions the next time they come around.

A Rotating Gift

Get your employees a trophy that they can pass around to each other. Every person who performs well enough will get the trophy for a month before passing it around to the next. This trophy will single out employees for going the extra mile. When employees will hand out these trophies to each other, it will automatically foster mutual respect between each other and even cancel out any underlying hostilities.

Wall of Fame

This has become a little old, but it still retains its worth to this day. Create a collage of hardworking employees and display it around the office to recognize their achievements. When you have the entire wall dedicated to employees and their achievements, it sends out a positive messages to everyone about accountability and transparency at the workplace.

Show-Off Meetings

If an employee has done a particularly good job that needs to be demonstrated to the entire office, then you should call an office meeting with all of the hierarchy included in one place. At this meeting, present the project in a manner that praises the employees and serves to humble others that may want to catch up on best practices.