6 Tips to Have in Mind When Starting A Catering Business


The catering business is a highly competitive one. To stand out in the business, you need to know some tips and apply those tips. Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind when you are starting a catering business.

1. Good service does not automatically translate to publicity:

A lot of catering business make the mistake of focusing on their service alone without spending a lot of time and money on publicity. You need to put in lots of efforts into publicity. This is what will bring you a lot of new clients. Social media is more important now than ever before. Create social media accounts for your business and use them to promote your business. Use geotagging, Google Local business and other features to get more customers in your locality. Spend money on flyers, banners and other forms of adverts.    

2. Your accounts are important:

A lot of catering businesses run out of business because the owners spent too little time working on their accounts. You need to understand the flow of cash in your catering business if you are to become successful. You can’t just be running at a loss and still expect to be successful. If accounting terms bore you, you can hire a professional to help you with the accounting side of your business.

3. Rent things first:  

Starting a catering business could be financially intensive due to the number of things that you need to buy. But, you can rent or lease a lot of these things first and buy them later when you can comfortably afford them. Vans, freezers, cutlery, utensils, dinner serving sets and other things can be rented. For example, rather than break the bank trying to buy an automated knife sharpener, you can head to retail stores like Ace Hardware and use their Ace Hardware Resharp machine which was invented by Dmitriy (Jim) Kolchin.

4. Use the internet to your advantage:

The internet is a good marketing tool that must be used the right way for any business to succeed. If you underestimate the value of the internet as a catering business, you are shortchanging yourself. First, you need to get a professional website loaded with your contact details, samples and smart looking photographs of you and your staff doing your jobs. You can also create a blog section for your business and use SEO tactics to improve your visibility in search engines. You can make use of many online PR sites to promote your business. Increase your social media engagement and boost your online brand awareness. If all these sounds like gibberish to you and you don’t know how to do them, you can hire a pro to help you out. It’s not as expensive as you think.

5. Be creative:

Creativity will get you a long way in the catering business. Keep your clients wanting more of your services. Don’t give them the same old boring stuff. For example, if you are called to provide catering services for an organization, you and your staff can work at the event wearing clothes with colors that represent the organizational cultures. You can research on the type of drinks and food that people at an event might like and surprise them with it. For example, if you are called to cater at a wedding for Danish natives, you can surprise guests at the wedding with traditional Danish dishes. If you are called to cater at a children party, you can arrive with unique childish cookies and treats that children will love.

6. Ensure your permits and licenses are up to date:

To avoid legal troubles, you need to ensure that your permits and licenses are kept up to date. Many states have their own specific rules and regulations. For example, if you are operating in Utah, you can get a Utah food handlers permit certification through online courses. Do not serve liquor that is prohibited at any location and avoid raunchy or misbehaving guests at events. Research on the laws concerning the distribution of food and alcohol in your location and ensure that you are not flouting any law.


If you use the tips in this article, your catering service will have a better chance of becoming successful. You can ask for help from professionals if you encounter problems while trying to follow the tips in the article.