6 Tips to Improve Security in Commercial Premises


Constant robbery attacks on your business premises can have a detrimental impact on your profits and the confidence of your employees in the workplace. Whether your business is small or large, keeping it secure should be a priority. If you are looking to secure your business premises from theft, here are actionable tips to improve commercial premises security.

  1. Invest in Lighting

Ensure there is sufficient outdoor lighting to deter thieves as it makes it difficult for them to find a perfect hiding place. Thieves look for dark property so that they can’t be seen when committing a crime. Additionally, well lit outdoors can elevate your staff’s confidence, especially if it’s insecure to walk alone in the area during dark evenings.

  1. Inspect the Property Regularly

It is prudent to have world-class security measures set up in your commercial premises. But if the efforts are interfered with or vandalized, they become worthless when improving security in your property.

Whether it’s vandals on CCTV cameras or a hole in a fence, security is compromised if your property isn’t in the right condition. To ensure that thieves don’t get a chance to enter into your property, it is imperative to regularly inspect the property, looking for a sign of weaknesses or vandals that can allow intruders to gain entry. You can decide to perform the inspections by yourself or hire a professional agency. You need to be cautious about your business security because intruders can manipulate even the smallest weakness.

  1. Install CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras capture all activities happening around your commercial premises. By installing these cameras, you will deter burglars from targeting your business. Burglars consider committing crimes on premises that have CCTV cameras a too risky affair because chances of being identified are high.

Besides protecting your premises from intruders, CCTV cameras can help solve staffing issues – from threatening behaviors to small thefts. When you are in a position to monitor employees, it becomes relatively easy to create a safe working environment.

Because of CCTV cameras’ level of security, employees feel comfortable when going about their tasks, knowing that someone is monitoring them for any sign of trouble.

  1. Access Control

You need to control who and when visitors gain entry into your business. Natural access points utilize landscape and building features to direct visitors as they get in and out of the commercial space. Having specific entry and exit areas enable security personnel to monitor the access areas continuously.

Also, you can use an electronic access control system to control entry into your building. Using the system, you can decide Who to access your premises, When they can do it and how far they can go. Using the system, you can assign different entry spaces for different individuals. For instance, contractors can be allowed to access the premises for a certain period, visitors can gain access to public areas, and only staff can access restricted areas.

  1. Introduce Badges for Staff and Visitors

Badges enable managers and security guards to know who they are dealing with. Besides providing ID badges, you can consider a sign in and out record book to monitor people’s movement in the premises. Moreover, employees with ID badges are likely to perform their duties to the best of their ability. Preferably, the visitors’ badge should be of a different color for easy identification.

  1. Key Control

If an electronic access control system is not actionable in your business premises, have a well-detailed procedure for distributing keys. For accountability, only a few selected individuals should be responsible for locking and unlocking offices. The procedure should entail clear instructions for locking and unlocking offices, including other areas such as closets or washrooms where criminals might hide. Physical keys should be labeled and assigned to a few people. Additionally, reputable commercial locksmith services offer computerized key systems customized to your business safety and security needs.