6 tools that will help you start your small business


Starting your own business is a big leap to personal growth and self-improvement if effectively done. It also requires a lot of planning, dedication, and passion as things may not always turn out as expected.

If entered into lightly, unprepared and without the willingness to embrace the possible downsides it can lead to long-term negative consequences. This is because business depends on a lot more than just great products and services to be successful ventures.

However, there is a wide range of online tools that you can strategically use to help you in starting out your small business and help you in propelling it to the next level.

1.Research and monitoring tools

Online research and monitoring tools are critical components when starting out as they can facilitate the identification of various trends in the sector you are interested in.

Research tools that monitor websites, social media platforms, blogs, and other forums are vital as they can provide useful data that can mean the difference between the failure and success of your business. The tools should also be simple and fast, provide reliable data and have results-driven pricing.

Spokeo phone lookup is one of the best tools in this area as it directly fits this quality. Spokeo search organizes a wide range of public records, white page listings, and social network information into profiles that help you to conveniently find and learn more about people and businesses.

2.Project planning and management tools

What features should have project planning and management tools for the first stage of business? When starting out your business it may be quite challenging to finish clients tasks on time and tracking the status of projects as well as effectively managing them on time.

Project planning and management tools are one of the vital ways you can overcome these challenges. Some of the feature these tools should have included the ability to assign and schedule tasks. They should also facilitate project status checks as well as reviews.

These tools significantly enhance accountability as you and your employees can be held accountable for your work.

3.Online Platforms to Find Clients and Partners

In the early stages of starting your business landing your first customers may be one of the hardest tasks, you will encounter regardless of whether you have a great idea, a unique service or a can’t miss product.

The online platform is, however, a good bet to get a wide reach of diverse potential customers and partners. They include e-commerce sites, social media networks, forums, blogs as well as other popular websites.

Social media optimization and search engine optimization tools are some of the tools that can effectively help you in getting a good client base. Also, you can try freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, etc.

4.Time tracking tools

Time tracking tools are significantly vital in business even when just starting out. Most people track time spent on task so as to help them in creating invoices for clients while others track time to get insights on how long different tasks take to ensure the project is cost-effective by bringing in more money than it takes.

Using time tracking tools is the most accurate way of recording the time taken regardless of why you doing it. The best tracking tools should allow for launching, pausing or stopping the tools when you finish tasks.

Besides, they should allow for correction in case you forget and leave the timer running while you are out for a break or lunch. They should also allow for a block of time post hoc entry in case you forget to launch them. Everhour, Toggl and FreshBooks are some of the tools with these among other exciting features.

5.Cybersecurity tools

Cybersecurity should be at the core of every business in this digital age. Cyber breaches costs have quadrupled in less than half a decade. The unprecedented drastic rise in cybercrime over the last decade means small businesses are as susceptible to cyber threats, just as the established business brands.

Cybersecurity tools such as Wireshark, Metasploit, Aircrack, and Snort among other tools are vital in mitigating as well as eliminating the cyber threats.

6.Website building and branding tools

To effectively land potential customers and generate new leads it is vital to have a website. A website is as critical for new business as for existing because it showcases the entity’s points of pride.

In addition, it explains to potential customers what the business deals in. To develop a website that effectively highlights your business, vision, and brand it is critical that you get reliable website building and branding tools.

Every tool you choose is a brick in building your business

Starting a business is a great leap to the future but it requires dedication and proper planning to enjoy great success. Though there is a myriad of downsides in the early stages of starting, the use of different online tools portends a great way to propel your business to the next level.