6 Types of Software That Can Boost Your Startup

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When you’re running a startup, you might like doing things by hand – hiring, payroll, managing projects, etc. But you’ll quickly realize that doing everything manually means you’re losing tons of time that could be spent elsewhere. In order to maximize your bottom line, it’s important to avoid wasting time. One of the best ways to get your time back is by using software that can boost your productivity, help you recruit new employees, and facilitate easier communications companywide. Below are a few types of software you might want to consider adding as a way to run your company more efficiently.

  1. Applicant tracking systems (ATS)

Because the employment situation is so dire right now, many job openings are receiving hundreds and even thousands of job applications. For a small business, this volume of applications can be incredibly overwhelming to filter through and expensive to do by hand. Instead, you may want to invest in an applicant tracking system that can filter resumes for you and keep track of all candidate communications. Some of these types of software even allow you to schedule interviews. 

ATS also helps you reduce the amount of time you spend on manual processes so you can get back to doing what’s most important: growing your company.

  1. Payroll software

Payroll software speeds up back-office processes that can take a ton of time and money to get done. Automatic payroll means you never have to worry about getting payroll done on time – just input the information and like magic, the software does the rest of the work for you. 

  1. Online background checks

In this competitive job market, candidates may end up lying or embellishing their resumes in order to stand out from the crowd. But, as an employer, there are ways to fight back against this type of employment fraud. Your first line of defense should be a thorough interview process but when you’re in the final rounds, it’s time to conduct a formal online background check.

An online background check is critical because it ensure that you’re hiring employees who have the skills, licenses, and qualifications necessary to do a job properly. If you don’t conduct a background screening, you can be held liable for negligent hiring practices. With that said, you can avoid this by requiring background checks on all employees. It will give you the peace-of-mind you want and need as a small business owner.

  1. Communication software

Although emailing will always be the default for formal business communications, it’s not the right channel for quick internal messages. Instead of email, you can use software like Slack, which allows you to direct message multiple people at the same time, set up specific channels for certain departments, and even set up a channel where you entire company can send out messages that apply to everyone. 

  1. Project management software

When you’re dealing with a ton of projects going on simultaneously, it can be tough to keep track of it all. Luckily, there are tons of different types of project management software to choose from. ClickUp, Asana, Monday, and other similar types of project management systems allow you to assign tasks and get a bird’s eye view of productivity. This is a great way to help your employees prioritize tasks and stay on track to meet tight deadlines.

  1. Productivity software

If you feel like your employees are easily getting distracted, one way to help them get back on track is by encouraging them to use a productivity tracker like RescueTime. RescueTime is an app that shows you where your day actually goes and what sites you spend most of your time on during the day. You can use it to monitor your productivity and learn better time management skills. 

Takeaways: Software to boost your company

Although you may not resist the idea of allowing software to do important work, it’s crucial to automate some processes if you hope to be successful. By relying on certain types of software, you can ensure that your business runs more smoothly, and you have more time to focus on business-critical tasks rather than never-ending stacks of paperwork. With these pieces of software, you can run a successful business and boost your bottom line.