6 Useful Nursing Apps to Help You throughout Your Career

nurse apps

Working in one of the most trusted professions in the country is rewarding but it can also come at a cost.  Nurses are required to care for and comfort patients even during the most trying of times.  It’s a career that needs true dedication to the cause and can be very challenging but also provides a great deal of job satisfaction.

With all the stress and strain nurses face, it might be a relief for them to know that there is support available in the form of numerous nursing apps.  There are apps that can help with exam studies, organization, medical knowledge and terminology and even help establishing patient care plans.  Here are six useful nursing apps which cover a range of needs:

1. Mini Nurse

Mini Nurse is a great app for students who want to learn about the basics of nursing school.  It covers everything from medical terminology to medical suffixes.  It could also be really helpful during revision time, if you’re studying a course such as an online RN to MSN, as it provides practice questions for exams.  This app is only downloadable on an android device.

2. Nursing Essentials

This app is as useful for student nurses as it is for graduate nurses and it is a great tool to have if you need critical information at your fingertips.  It’s easy-to-use with detailed content and informative illustrations.  There are a number of unique features available including custom bookmarks and interactive medical calculators.  This app is available on android and iOS.

3. Medscape WebMD

This is the highest rated mobile app for healthcare professionals.  It provides access to the latest medical news across more than thirty specialties and includes features such as drug information and medical calculators.  This app is available on android and iOS and can also be accessed offline.

4. Diseases Dictionary

Disease Dictionary is a free app which provides detailed descriptions of all major medical disorders and diseases as well as explaining the causes, symptoms and treatment.  It also offers prescription drug information and can be used as an emergency pocket guide for nurses.  This app is available on android and iOS and can be accessed offline too.

5. Nurses Aid Pro

Nurses Aid Pro is an advanced version of the Nurses Aid app and helps nurses to organize their work load and manage their schedules effectively.  It has a number of useful features such as a talking alarm feature and is particularly useful for nurses who are juggling work with studying an ADN to MSN program online.  This app is available on android and iOS.

6. Omnio

Omnio is a particularly useful app for determining patient care due to its wide range of features which include prescription drug information, symptom diagnosis and access to scholarly journals.  This app is available on android and iOS.

These nursing apps are a great way to gain new knowledge and stay organized at any point during your nursing career.  Using a nursing app can help improve efficiency and will be a useful tool in helping you to advance your career in nursing.