Internal communications have become a most important factor in development of organizational culture and employee engagement. Companies who have regulated and monitored internal communications have a great chance of training their employees the most important communication skills. Employees feel much more connected to the company when they have opportunities to participate in the initiatives of the company. Employees build up very important skills which can be used for handling clients as well via good internal communication skills. Internal communication gives both employees and management the chance to express themselves in a productive manner.

Established companies are already practicing internal communications in their setups but for start-ups; internal communication plays a very important role in the cultural development of the company. It’s a very important to introduce internal communication in startups, many startups struggle in implementing effective internal communications because there are so many things which need attention, implementation of internal communication standards can be challenging.

Lucky for you, we have found out a few important pointers which can be used for improving internal communications at your startup.

  1. Introduce employee app

Startups are usually unable to afford good quality internal communication tools and applications for coordination of employees. But it should be your priority because having a tool will start the culture of communicating with each other at the workplace. Startups usually have a lot of things going on at once so having a tool will give employees the opportunity to be more productive and ask everything on the spot without having to get up. If you introduce employee apps, it will not only increase your productivity but will increase the engagement of employees with each other and company.

2.Be open and transparent

This is very important for any company but for startups, it becomes crucial even more. There’s nothing more turning off then hiding important information from your employees unless it doesn’t concern them. Being secretive will never work out for you. When you will be communicating every relevant thing with your employees, they will trust you and will be willing to come up with the solutions for organizational problems. It will give employees the sense of necessary ownership. When you are transparent, you also minimize the chances of gossip and suspicions. Your business will go forward rapidly if you are transparent enough.

  1. Value employee opinion

This is very important for a startup because it transforms your employees into a loyal workforce. You have to highlight the achievement of your employees and stand behind their decisions. Always have time to listen to the opinion of your employees and have the courage to share their ideas and frustrations honestly.

It will help a lot in making a creative and supportive work environment where employees trust each other and management. Open communications will go a long way in building your dream company.

  1. Don’t Smother

Communications with employees and within employees should be consistent and regular, but at the same time, there is a great need to find the right balance, so none of your workforces gets irritated with a lot happening at once. Share the information which is important and worth sharing, don’t put redundant information on employees. Keep checking on employees if they have any concerns about anything you shared so employees understand that they can express their opinion.

  1. Ask questions

This is a very important aspect of fostering positive internal communications. Employees will understand that you care about their opinions when you question them or simply ask for their opinion in any of the company’s initiatives. It is not important to simply ask work-related questions, in fact you can simply ask how they are doing and they will do same for you in return. This culture will enhance internal communications internally to a great extent.

  1. Know your employees

Your employees are not just a human workforce, they are in fact an important reason that your company will progress a lot. You must make effort to know your employees as humans and individuals will help to build internal trust and relationship while it will give you the opportunity to connect with your employees and earn mutual understanding.


Internal communications are really changing the way that companies operate. Every established company has recognized the importance of effective internal communications, and that’s why startups particularly are following all the guidelines for effective internal communication. It is very important for startups to build productive internal communication channels for the company and encourage employees to communicate openly via proper channels. It will give your company and employees a room to learn, and once you have established proper guidelines, you can regulate and monitor internal communications so no one can exploit the internal communication practices. Internal communications will improve your company’s culture and will encourage your employees to communicate with each other and with the company.