7 Advantages Of Mystery Shopping For Marketing Strategy


When you are planning to market your company, you may choose mystery shopping to help improve your brand image. There are seven benefits listed below that explain why mystery shopping is such a good idea. You may not use mystery shopping today, but you can see why it is a good idea once you know all the advantages.

  1. Mystery Shopping Is Easy

Mystery shopping is an easy thing to use because you do not need to do any of the work. The mystery shopping company you hire like ScoutMI.com will handle all the work for you. You get reports from the mystery shopping company, and they follow the guidelines that you have provided.

  1. Mystery Shopping Exposes Your Brand To New People

Mystery shopping will expose your brand to several people who have never heard of your company before. They may be sent to your company to shop or evaluate the people in the office. These people are brand new to your business, and they may continue shopping with your company because they like the experience they had. Plus, they will recommend your company to their friends and family.

  1. Mystery Shopping Improves The Customer Experience

The mystery shopping process will improve the customer because it helps you create a script and design for the customer experience. If you want your associates to say certain things to your customers, you can add that to the mystery shopping process. You can tell your staff that you expect them to do these things, and you might ask managers to check that associates are doing these things.

The mystery shopping experience helps everyone have a good time in your office or store because they get a very consistent level of service.

  1. Mystery Shopping Solidifies The Brand Image

Mystery shopping will solidify the brand image of your company by helping people have an experience that is unique to your company. Again, your associates might need to say certain things to your customers when they come into the store, or your store might need to be organized in a way that is unique to your business. You can put all these parameters in the mystery shopping form, and the shoppers will check for these things each time they visit.

  1. Mystery Shopping Gives You Multiple Points Of View

Mystery shopping gives you multiple points of view on your business and how it runs. The people that sign up to do mystery shopping are a diverse group of people. You might want to work with people who fit a certain demographic, or you can open mystery shopping up to everyone. If you run a fast-food restaurant, you might want to know what teens, adults, parents, and even seniors think of your company. However, you can narrow down your mystery shopping base to the people that you cater to.

  1. Mystery Shopping Does Not Disturb The Natural Order Of Your Business

Mystery shopping does not disturb your business. You want to know what people are naturally doing when they have customers come in. You may be aware that scientists understand that observing an experiment changes its results. When the employees in your shop or office do not know they are being observed, you get better results. Plus, you get an accurate assessment of how the people in your office do their work.

  1. Mystery Shopping Is Affordable

Mystery shopping is affordable because you can pay a small fee for a simple service. You can decide how much you want to pay each person who comes into your shop, or you could pay for their expenses when they come in. All of this depends on what your budget for mystery shopping is. Plus, this means you can talk to someone who will explain what the best plan is for a company like yours.


When you are using mystery shopping to market your company, you are trying to improve your company using the tips you get from mystery shoppers. The mystery shoppers see how your office or business functions when you are not watching, and they will report back to you. Plus, you can help improve your brand image using a questionnaire and the mystery shopper’s input.