Do you have a tech-obsessed friend or a family member that you need to shop for? You will definitely think about getting something they love and that will be nothing else than latest smart tech gadgets.

So, here are some smart choices of tech gifts that you can choose from. Every one of these is available in an affordable range and is amazing in their functionalities.

  1. Bluetooth Tracking Tag

The wooden and attractive tag is made for serving the ones who are absent-minded or have short-term memory loss problem. Yes, the short-term memory loss is genuine when most of us forget to locate our car keys or a TV remote or many other things.

You can put the Bluetooth tracking tag along with the device and if it gets misplaced, just give it a ring from a free companion app and it will ring a sound or vibration to help you find it.

  1. Samsung Gear 360 Camera

It is the best gift for photographers. It is a pretty decent camera which takes a picture in 360 degrees. The camera works the usual way so it is easy to operate. You can also charge it or shoot long-term footages while traveling from place to place.

  1. GoPro Action Camera

This GoPro Waterproof Action Camera can be a great gift for the adventure freaks. It is a tiny camera that is made to hold out water and used to shoot any adventure and share it with anyone. You can easily transfer, watch and edit pictures.

Furthermore, go to Cameraseals for the latest and reliable cameras for your photographer friend.

  1. Zolt Pocket sized Laptop Charger

Do you want a charger that covers less space in your bag? You should probably go for Zolt Laptop Charger. It can charge multiple devices at a time and it has impressively light weight and small size. We all need a charger for almost everything like cell phone, laptop, and tablet and when going to travel somewhere, we need something that could be able to charge each of our devices. It is also quite easy to use.

  1. Powercurl Mini

You must give Powercurl Mini a try if you hate tangled wires. It is a quick and handy gadget that will keep the USB cable neatly enfolded when you are not using it.

  1. Everyday Backpack by Peak Design

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack is an amazing gift you can give to someone who is a traveling gear head or a photographer who loves to travel a lot. It can fit in up to the 15-inch laptop along with tablet and other things.

The internal structure of the backpack is designed by the professionals with a custom-built layout. It comes in different colors and has a weatherproof canvas shell.

  1. Microsoft Surface Go Windows 10 Tablet

For a PC user, you can buy the Microsoft Surface Go with Windows 10 tablet. It has an ultra-sharp 10-inch touchscreen and has an excellent performance. Its battery life is amazing for a device like this.