7 Business Services that Let Your Business Get Back to What’s Important


When you start your business, you are thinking about growth and moving forward. When you get started with your business, sometimes it doesn’t happen that way. Something always comes up and seems to hold us back. How do we get out of the constant flow of things that stop us from moving forward?

While the following business services might not solve every problem, they are a great step in the right direction. You will be able to propel your business toward more growth since you are spending less time running around in circles and more time moving and shaking.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is a great tool that will allow you to stay on track with your business accounting. Even if you have someone that is supposed to oversee things, if you want to keep things simple and check them yourself, you can do this with QuickBooks online.

Connect it with your bank account, see what expenses are coming through from your business cards and easily categorize or approve the category they have assigned.

Invoicing is simple and quick and you are able to send reminders to those people that haven’t paid on time. Plenty of great benefits for business that want to get back to what is important.

PEO Service

What if you didn’t have to worry about HR in-house ever again? What if you could keep your eyes on the prize, but still take care of the needs of your employees? You can do this when you work with a PEO service.

There are many reasons to use a PEO, but the ability to save time and money are two of the top reasons companies should look into having someone else take care of their HR. When you have an outside company taking care of your HR, you won’t have to hire, fire, create processes, deal with FMLA and healthcare issues. All of that work can be taken care of by someone that specializes in that field so that you aren’t tripped up by new laws and regulations.


Having proper hosting for your website is an important thing since making sure your website is up and means making sure money can come in online. If your website is down it keeps people from being able to spend money with you, but it also keeps you from being able to acquire news leads, provide helpful information such as your phone number and location.

HostGator provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee so that you can be sure that your website is going to be up almost all of the time. Having a website that is quick and always up makes you look like the professional that you are.

Gmail for Business

Having a proper business email (@yourdomain.com) is important so that you can show your professionalism and it also is a great marketing tool. When you are emailing people they will be able to see your domain and if they are curious, they can go to your site and check it out.

Gmail for Business is inexpensive but allows you to have the great Gmail experience more than 1 billion people know and love.

If you get the Gsuite, you can get access to other features like docs, drive, the vault and more. These will be specifically for your business so it is a great place to build your team and collaborate.


Don’t have the money to put out for an expensive lawyer retainer? Don’t worry. You can use LegalZoom for contracts and other legal issues you need help with. Retainers can be extremely pricey and if your company isn’t big enough, it doesn’t make sense to keep an expensive attorney on the payroll.


WordPress.org is an amazing open source and free software that you can use to build your business website. Since WordPress is so flexible, you can create anything that you want. Since the software is free, the only thing you will have to pay money out for might be a free premium plugins and a WordPress theme.

Some people also find it helpful to have a page builder that will make designing the site much easier. If you don’t know any code, this might be a good idea for you. You can drag and drop with many of these builders in order to create a site that is uniquely yours.


Dropbox is a cloud data storage solution that allows you to keep your files in the cloud where multiple people can come on, download, edit, upload and collaborate on projects. Dropbox makes it easy for you to do business all over the world with a few clicks. You can help you team by sharing training videos in the team Dropbox or asking for edits on projects in the in process folders you create.


There are many business services that you can use to allow yourself to get back to what is important and that is growing and expanding your business, providing a product or service that is exceptional and making sure that your clients are always happy.

When everything else is taken care of, you will be ready to grow your company to the next level. Find out which services are right for your company and which areas are experiencing the most pain right now. Put a solution in place and watch your business take flight.