7 Effective Ways to Market Your Business Online


In July 2020, there were 200 million active websites in the world and of this number, nearly 60% are written in English. How does your business hope to make an impression among this huge number?

In the world of online business, there is more trash to be found than treasure. This is why the majority of internet users have no more than 30 websites that they visit regularly. Most websites are accidentally found and immediately forgotten.

What can you do to make your website one of the regularly visited one? The answer to that question is not so hard if your business approaches the goal strategically and with intention.

When trying to market your business, your aim should be to carve a niche for yourself. (For property management marketing ideas, check this article: www.upkeepmedia.com/property-management-marketing-ideas/.) If you can speak with a consistent and authentic voice to the few million people who need your services, your business will succeed.

Here are some effective marketing strategies to help you reach that goal.

  • Build a following on social media

The cheapest way to promote your business is through satisfied customers. And social media offers the most efficient means of accomplishing this. Social media allows your business the opportunity to create engagement with people who need your products or services and who are interested in what you represent. 

As a platform with the farthest reach, it makes it easier to build a community around shared values and mutual interests. Focusing on building a strong social media presence will make the other steps of this article easier to do.

  • Create meaningful conversations

The biggest mistake businesses make with their social media strategy is to use these platforms primarily as a vehicle for selling. People do not come to social media to see ads. They come to have conversations. 

Your ability to generate buzz around meaningful subjects or entertain people will draw visitors to your social media pages. Meaningful conversations allow people to view your company as a brand that cares about something other than money and this is a huge factor for winning people’s loyalty.

  • Be consistent with your brand identity

The internet is so vast and distracting that it takes a while for your brand to register with people. Internet visitors see so many things in a minute that almost nothing holds their attention for long. People need to see your brand or its message a minimum of seven times before they start to recognize it. 

For this to happen, you must be consistent with the words and images that you put out. If these change every time people interact with you, the brand will not stick in people’s minds.

  • Build relationships through email campaigns

Email campaigns present one of the best methods for initiating and strengthening connections with your online community. People can click away from internet ads, but an email sent directly to their inbox, and probably bearing their name, is very personal. 

Moreover, people on your email list are prequalified and they have already shown interest in buying from you. Getting such people to buy or become loyal customers is far easier than trying to find new customers. But just like your social media strategy, your email campaigns should be more about information and engagement than selling.

  • Become an authority; create high-quality content

Aim to be the go-to place for people who want to get information about different aspects of your industry. What are the common problems customers face or what questions do they ask most often? By establishing yourself as an authority through quality content that is delivered free of charge, you position your brand as a partner. 

People will buy from you simply because you have helped them. Also because they trust you, they will be more likely to follow your advice. But to make this strategy pay, you must find the best platforms for getting your content out.

  • Build and leverage your online network

By connecting and collaborating with influential people and groups on the internet you can get ahead even faster. Social media influencers are people who amplify your reach by endorsing your brand to their large follower base. 

Popular bloggers can also help to advance your online visibility and credibility. Taking every opportunity to associate with trusted names will lead people to associate your brand with those individuals. And by building your profile as a trusted member of your profession or industry association, you gain positive exposure for your business.

  • Employ ads and promotions

It is almost inevitable to use paid advertising if you are serious about growing your brand. However, when using online ads, always aim for saturation or do not advertise at all. Moreover, ads should not always be about selling; sometimes they can be about creating brand awareness or simply making people happy. 

In addition to paid ads, you should do promotions of your own, where you offer gifts to your audience in exchange for something you want them to do.

These steps are only a primer to what you can do to begin to create your online brand identity and carve a niche for your business. Following them will help you lay a strong foundation for transforming your online presence into a powerful tool for expanding your offline business.