7 Good Ideas for your Study-Life Balance


If you can steer clear of negative habits, then your work-life and study-life balance will take care of itself. However, we all need a kick start or a few new ideas from time-to-time, so here are a few good ideas that will help your study-life balance. 

1 – Do Things As Soon As You Wake Up

For some reason, most challenging tasks are easier if you do them as soon as you wake up. Do them before breakfast if you can. The longer you leave a difficult or unpleasant project, the harder it becomes to get started. Plus, for some reason, just after waking up, you do not mind doing the unpleasant task as much. 

2 – Try Your Hand at Something Creative

You use one section of your brain for social interaction, and another section for your studies and the creative side of your brain doesn’t get to stretch its legs. Do something creative from time-to-time or add to a creative project from time-to-time, and you will feel and experience a better study-life balance. 

3 – Stay Away From Multi-Tasking

People think that they are great at multitasking because it feels productive when they are doing it. However, multitasking only works for a few minutes. After that point, you settle into doing one thing and then try to pull yourself away to do other things at the same time. You can do one thing at a time and do each thing right, or you try multitasking and doing several things poorly.

Multitasking takes longer on the whole. Let’s say you have five tasks, and you do them one at a time. Each task alone takes four minutes, which is a total of 20 minutes taken. If you were to multitask all five tasks, it would take 30 minutes in total. Plus, multitasking is a questionable methodology when you are trying to follow a plan. 

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4 – Get Enough Sleep

It doesn’t sound like much of a good idea on the surface, but a lack of sleep is the key ingredient to ruining your study-life balance. Most people think that being tired during their downtime is okay, but being unproductive when you are not studying is just as damaging as being unproductive when you are studying. 

Feeling tired and being tired are two very different things. You can feel tired and then act accordingly, but the type of people who do get enough sleep and still feel fine are harming themselves when they try to keep going. The type of people who try to push through with too little sleep is making their life harder in the long run. It is like trying to walk in the snow with no shoes on. You can walk in the snow with no shoes on, but it just makes your life harder.

5 – Try to Avoid Self-Inflicted Distractions

There is no point in trying to avoid distractions because the key to a distraction is that it is unintentional. You do not hire the people outside to start working on the road right when you want to study. However, there are certain self-inflicted distractions that you should avoid. 

For example, the type of poser who goes to a coffee shop with a laptop and tries to write is a self-inflicting distraction. The type of person who knows he or she cannot stand the temptation of a message being received on the phone should turn off their phone to avoid the temptation. If you can stand the temptation to read messages as soon as they arrive, then keep your phone on. 

6 – Try a Schedule and Feel Free to Break it

There are times when sticking to a schedule is harder than having no schedule at all. The truth is that most people are not good at creating schedules because it is very difficult to account for how you will feel on the day. There are going to be days when you are very far ahead of schedule because you are feeling great and productive, and then there will be other days where you feel unwell, or where things keep knocking you off track.

By all means, try to create a schedule and do not abandon it at the first sign of trouble, but keep in mind that sometimes a schedule needs to be broken, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up because of it. 

7 – Get a Romantic Life

Human companionship is a strong ingredient if you want a happy and balanced study life. The type of people who go straight from studying into gaming is making their own life more difficult. They are making their studies more complicated and are making it more challenging to function in the real world. Even if you cannot find a romantic partner, you need to push for more human interaction if you want to strike the right balance.