There are many mistakes that website designers make when designing a business website. Among them, there are some which are disastrous leading to a decline in sales. If you manage to avoid these mistakes, your site can be far much better than your competition. Online success can only be achieved if your website meets the needs of your visitors in a user-friendly way.

1.Making a large website

This is one of the worst mistakes you can ever make when designing a business website. There is no need of having a massive, multi-paged site that takes a lot of time to load. Reduce the number of pages as much as possible and put all your products on your homepage if the number is less than 10. Reduce the number of files on your web pages by featuring your products on the home page and grouping them in categories rather than having a separate page for every product. Remember your visitor doesn’t have all the time to learn more about your product.

2.Confusing navigation

Your website should be easy to navigate otherwise your visitors will just surf on the next website. It is annoying when you are forced to go back three pages for you to access information. To avoid such a scenario, you should make sure your website has a navigation bar on every page that guides visitors to other sections of the website.

3.Burying critical information too deep

Human beings are naturally impatient. No one likes spending a lot of time trying to locate essential information from a website. Critical information like your email address, physical location, customer support, FAQs and product details should be easily accessible.

4.Having broken links

Nothing discourages visitors than dead links and hyperlinks that head nowhere when clicked or lead to “404 error”. Make sure all the links are working by carrying out weekly audits and making necessary changes. You can also hire the services of website design companies like Red-Fern Media based in Lancashire for satisfactory results.

5.Obsolete information

It is so boring to find outdated information on a site you want to review. This means loss of credibility from visitors. You must always keep your site fresh for optimal results. The information presented must be accurate and up to date.

6.Use of many font styles and colours

A good and attractive site should have a unified consistent look. Not a display of hundreds of fonts and colours. The use of few colours and fonts sends a message of consistency and stability.

7.Failure to link with social networking sites

Over the years, social media has been experiencing exponential growth. It has been used to influence consumers in their purchasing decisions. There is a need to have social media links on your website that works and make it easier for users to move from one platform to another. This will allow you to market your products on social media and also drive more traffic to your site. This means more sales and profits.

Learn from these mistakes and rectify the problem as soon as possible so as to improve the effectiveness of your website. This will guarantee you optimal usage and more traffic to your site which can result to soaring profits at the end.