7 Mobile App Development Trends to Look Out For In 2018

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Mobile app development is one of the fastest and dynamically growing software industry segments. With better technology being introduced with the launch of every new Smartphone model, it’s hard to stay relevant without continuous development. Mobile apps have become an essential marketing tool to increase brand awareness and accessibility to customers.  Without having one for your business, you could fall quickly behind to your competitors.

To keep up to speed, here are 7 Mobile App Development trends to look out for in 2018

  1. Virtual reality and augmented reality app

With the increase in computing capability and display quality in mobile devices, there are many phones in the market that is capable of handling virtual reality apps. Although computers have better power specifications, smart phones make a logical platform to implement virtual reality as it provides mobility and is more economic than to develop a dedicated machine for the purpose. Social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc. are already using augmented reality in camera filters. While tech giants like Google and Facebook are working on developing better virtual reality products and platforms, App Developer Companies continue to make interesting and innovative virtual reality app.

  1. Cloud integration

Mobile has a limited amount of storage capacity, using dedicated server cloud based application can save a lot of phone storage by using the server to store information. There are so many applications available to download, that no one will say no to more space on their mobile phone. Cloud based applications will be high in demand because it not only helps you save space but also keeps your information safe on the server for future use.

  1. Mobile payment

The popularity of online shopping and booking has increased the development of mobile payment apps. It is convenient for the client where as it also helps the companies to understand the consumer behavior and market trend. Since Apple pay and Google wallet, many mobile payment apps are released on the market.

  1. Wearable apps

There is a rapid increase in the functionality of wearable technology. Smart watch these days can monitor your heart beat, track your activity, give the weather report, guide you with a map, play your favorite songs. Wearable technology is gaining big market section as it has a wide variety of application and useful for both personal and commercial use. As these devices become more popular mobile app Developers will be creating more apps for the smart phones and wearable gadgets.

  1. Security

Security is one of top most concern for any app developer in today’s market because most users access personal as well as corporate information using mobile devices. Without robust security features and encryption mechanism user can be susceptible to substantial risk. As people are using mobile devices to access sensitive information there is demand for mobile security apps.

  1. Internet of things

These days there is hardly any smart device that is not connected to the internet. Internet of things is interconnecting individual devices to function as one smart unit. IOT is being used to construct smarter home, smart parking lots, smart vehicles with sensors and cameras virtually everywhere. As the smart phone is widely used as an interface for these devices. The surge in popularity of internet of things will also encourage the development of applications that complements the function of different devices.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

From Voice enabled the assistant to a recommendation, Integration of artificial intelligence in mobile have enhanced the mobile user experience. Use of artificial intelligence in a mobile app can provide personalized service to an individual user.