Outlook… such an incredible tool for any business and it’s employees. With so many amazing email management features at your disposal, it can be hard to learn and apply them all to your everyday regimen.

But IF you’re able to learn them all, you can become one of the most efficient in your entire company within the outlook software.

Below are 7 Outlook tips that can cut back on your email response time and increase your productivity when doing so!

7 Outlook Tips for Efficient Email Management

Gone are the days of an important email being buried in your inbox, include these 7 tips into your email cadence and cut your time significantly!

Flags Are Your New Best Friend

You’re diving into an important email when suddenly, an even MORE important email pops up in your inbox.

Rather than setting the previous email to the side (and potentially forgetting to respond altogether), you can use the Flags to remind you of the new email later on.

Whether it’s today, tomorrow, or a few days from now, flags give you the opportunity to customize when you’d like to be reminded if pressing emails.

Learn Your Shortcuts

What’s the most efficient way to get anywhere geographically faster? By using shortcuts. The same thing applies to your email management!

Learning the outlook keyboard shortcuts can help you save a few seconds for each task that will add up over the course of your business day, thus helping you apply that time to more attentive matters.

You don’t have to memorize these right away, print out a list of those shortcuts you think you’ll use most and tape it to your monitor or a wall near your computer screen. Over time, it’ll become like second nature to you!

Use Quick Parts as Much as Possible!

ever find yourself emailing the same 3 or 4 phrases to multiple people throughout the same business day? If so, use quick parts to save yourself from typing them out each time.

All you need to do is highlight over the text you want to save, go to “Insert”, click on “Quick Parts”, and then “save to quick parts gallery”.

From then on, whenever you’re beginning to type out that sentence, quick parts will appear and offer to insert the rest of it for you.

Create Folders for Recurring Categories

Every job has common run-ins that happen over email, whether you’re a car mechanic with clients requesting an oil change or a wealth advisor with clients wanting to schedule a “check-in” meeting.

In those instances, it can be easiest to tackle all of those inquiries in sequence by the category, rather than the time that they arrive.

Folders can help with that; if the previously mentioned car mechanic created a folder titled “Oil Changes”, he could store all emails pertaining to oil changes that day into that folder, and knock them out all at once when he finds the time!

Clean Up, Clean Up, Outlook Email Does Its Share

There is literally an Outlook Email tool called “Clean Up” that can help you sort and delete any outdated or irrelevant emails from your inbox.

To use it, simply go to “Home” and select “Clean Up”. from there, it will ask you what portions of your email inbox you want to sort out and lets you select what topics you’d like to keep/delete.

No more having to purge your inbox single-handedly, let Outlook be your sidekick!

Take Advantage of Email Templates

Repetitively emailing the same subjects over and over can be a boring and frustrating use of your time.

Thankfully, there are Email Templates that allow you to save certain email bodies of text to be sent out directly, whenever you need to.

This way, you can use your HubSpot Outlook Sync and increase your email marketing efforts to new and current clients.

Schedule Your Emails

Common knowledge tells us that people tend to read their emails more often at certain days and times of the week.

So if you’re trying to use that knowledge but still get ahead of your emails for the next day or two, be sure to use the “delay delivery” feature in the “Options” tab as a way to send the emails when and where you’d like to.

Not only can this help you save precious time, but it can also help you optimize how many people seriously read through the emails that you send.

Remember: Technology Is Your Friend!

Even though it can be tedious to learn new technology features such as these outlook tips, they can eventually help you separate yourself from the rest of your coworkers!

The important part is that you’re open and willing to learn new ways to increase your productivity. If you have those two things, you’ll come out the other side a better employee.

Be sure to read up on how to improve your email marketing and continue to further your expertise on new opportunities for your business’s growth.

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