7 Questions to Ask Your Potential Web Designer


So, you need a website. Whether you are looking for someone to help guide you through a template or completely design your website from the ground up, there are seven questions you need to be prepared to ask your potential web designer.


Before you sign a contract with a web designer, you should probably know what they are capable of. Ask to see examples of past websites they’ve designed to see if they are a good fit for you. Though you may be the one telling the designer what you want and expect out of a website, they are a creator and may try to implement their different opinion. Find someone whose portfolio emits a vibe you can agree with.


While looking through someone’s portfolio, you might get a basic idea of what their experience is, but you should still ask. Questioning a web designer on how they got started, how long they’ve been designing, and their process can help you identify if you’re collaborating with a newbie or a seasoned expert. A new web designer may be cheaper, but there is a risk they might take longer and need more edits from you. A veteran web designer may make you wait for an appointment and cost more, but chances are they’ll make your site look beautiful and have it published on time.


Before you meet with a web designer, ask yourself how much ownership and assistance you want on your site. Some web design companies teach you how to make changes on your website so you can easily do it yourself, while other companies expect an email with changes they can make for you. Know which package you are getting before you pay for it.


What other people say about their experience with a company can speak volumes. Before you hire a web designer, check out their google reviews or ask to speak with a past client. If they refuse or if there are no reviews to read, it’s a bad sign.


In most cases, websites are being built to promote events and showcase companies and their services/products. You probably don’t have months to wait for your website to be completed, so make sure you ask your potential web designer about their timeframe. How long does it usually take them to design a website? Does that include edits? Will there be enough time to design before your launch date?


Even if someone is simply helping you with a template website, you want to feel confident in your communication process. Whether you meet in person, chat over email, or talk over the phone, you need to know that your opinions and needs will be heard. Be sure that your web designer will update you on their progress and communicate any changes with you. This is especially important during the beginning stages of the design and revision process.


You’ll want the best website that your budget can afford, so while you are chatting with your web designer, make sure you discuss costs. If their estimate seems too good to be true, it might be. Make sure you are carefully doing your research to know if this is the best web design company available. You don’t want to pay for something you don’t like. There might also be costs for edits, so be sure to discuss their hourly rate for additional changes.

Web design is a process, and we want you to have the best experience possible. So before you put the pen to the paper and sign a contract with a designer, make sure you know what you’re getting. These questions will provide a foundational understanding of what you can expect from a web designer.