7 reasons to be part of ElkanoData’s creative team.


Elkanodata is a  Barcelona based Information Design agency focused on crafting high quality visual content for relevant topics and social causes around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG´s), such as Gender Equality, LGBTIQ+  Rights, Climate Action or Human Rights.

Their creations range from Interactive Experiences to Visual Design and Animation, and their work has been recognized with some of the industry´s most prestigious awards.

Elkanodata is always looking for new talent to join their remote first team, and today we bring you a list of seven reasons why you should join them and be a part of their creative team.

  1. Innovative approach

As the company’s founder and CEO points out, information and data have become core products for companies. The main problem is that they were not being designed to make them more appealing or adapted to the user´s needs in the digital age, and this is where Elkanodata came into play with innovative solutions around Information Design to simplify and make data and complex information more engaging.

This agency was founded in 2012 in Barcelona by the entrepreneur Pau Cuervo as he noticed the vast demand for Information Design services, especially in the United States, and has since evolved and consolidated, collaborating with International Organizations such as the United Nations, the World Health Organization or UNWomen, and working around relevant topics and social causes.

The company’s founder, Pau Cuervo, has a passion for aesthetics and well crafted digital experiences applied to social causes. 

Elkanodata´s  goal is to use Information Design as a tool for social change to build a better informed and more inclusive society.

  1. Excellence

Elkanodata won The Economist “Project for Excellence in Journalism” award in 2012 as the team took part in an infographics contest just a few months after starting the company  and that is how they started to grow bigger. They presented complex information from a survey made to 9,600 people by the Pew Center for Journalism on news consumption in mobile devices. They displayed their infographic as a board game, which made the data analysis and given information way easier to understand. 

Since then, the company has received several recognitions, including 4 consecutive Webby Awards, one of the most prestigious digital awards – known as the Oscars of the Internet or the Internet Highest Honour- which serve as an industry benchmark for the most current, innovative, and advanced practices in web development

This agency has been awarded under the following categories: Best Activism Website, Best Law Website, Best User Experience, Best Practices and Best Use of Video. 

You can take a look at their awarded work here:

2017. Best Activism Website: Women´s Footprint in History. Collaboration with UNWomen. An interactive timeline that shows the extraordinary contributions of women to their societies throughout time aimed to raise awareness on the progress that still needs to be made to achieve gender equality.

2018: Best Law Website. Justice Now: Ending impunity on Sexual and Gender Based Violence as International Crimes.

2019: Best Practices. Safe Birth, Even Here. A collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund to raise awareness and fundraising on maternal mortality in fragile humanitarian settings.

2020: Best use of Video or Motion. A piece of me, ending FGM. Together with the Canadian Filmaker Sarah Engelman, the interactive experience raises awareness and invites the user to sign a pledge to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

  1. Creative team

The agency´s team is made of highly creative and talented people who work together to find the best solutions using Information Design. 

Their remote-first and international approach has made possible to create a very diverse and inclusive team, with different nationalities and backgrounds working together to solve each challenge.

Although their main office is based in Barcelona, Elkanodata has always been remote friendly and has a flexible approach to collaboration and working as a team so that each team member can make the most out of their talent and grow, wherever they are based.

Every project is an opportunity to get the best out of their creative minds and put it together in a breathtaking result.

Besides day to day collaboration, Elkanodata also creates teambuilding and decompression activities so that their team can unwind, have some fun and create a space to bring everyone together and bond even if they are working remotely.

Have you ever read an Interactive Infographic and wondered how it was possible to make something difficult so engaging and easy  to understand? Or have you ever watched a Motion Graphics and have fallen in love with how the story was told? That is called creativity, and guess what… that is Elkanodata´s team job.

Another particular characteristic of Elkanodata is that the agency is able to work on a wide range of different project types.

  1. Wide range of projects.

As previously mentioned, the agency offers different solutions like Interactives, Data Storytelling, Infographics, Design Systems, Interactive Reports or Visual Brand Guidelines that will astonish every client or audience.

But besides the different type of formats which allows for collaboration between the creative team , Elkanodata works on different types of topics which makes work dynamic, interesting and fun.

From a digital campaign for International Women´s Day, to a new Design System for the reports of an International Organization, or a Motion Graphics to raise awareness on Immigration rights, Elkanodata´s team works on many different type of projects and topics which makes each project and challenge unique.

This wide range of projects also allows for seamless collaboration between UX/UI designers, Art Directors, Motion Graphics Designers, Front and Back-End Developers and Project Managers in a dynamic and exciting environment.

  1. Young, international and talented environment

Pau Cuervo’s agency is made of young and very talented people who have a passion to adapt the information to the digital era and work on relevant topics and stories that matter.

The team is not only young and versatile; the members of Elkanodata´s team come from different countries, which injects the company with multiple and diverse points of view. 

This altogether makes their ideas original and ingenious, which ultimately results in fresh and innovative user experiences for their clients.

The team creates elegant solutions to convey the essence of the information in an engaging way. In this manner they manage to show more information in less time, but also to make it easier to consume for end users through design and/or animation.

Flexibility, remote-work and teambuilding activities are also a key part of achieving great results.

  1. High quality standards

The information design agency aims for high quality in all its projects in terms of art direction, user experience, animation and development and some of their projects have reached a great amount of visibility.

Especially those projects related to International Days such as International Women´s Day, International Day Against Homophobia, World Earth Day  or World Immunization Week to name a few, are seen by large audiences including world leaders, celebrities and goodwill ambassadors.

The type of clients that the agency has and the high visibility of their projects has allowed for the collaboration, endorsement and promotion of Elkanodata´s work by celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Emma Watson, Malala, Megan Rapinoe or Antonio Guterres, who have endorsed and raised awareness about important topics.

To achieve these high quality standards, a collaborative, flexible and well organized environment is key to delivering great projects.

As the creative director Michael Richey puts it, the company runs a systematic approach in which they clearly define all steps from beginning to end, which allows them to build consistency throughout all their work. 

This also helps them prioritize more time for creativity and quality, a basic pillar of the Agency. 

They also create small dedicated production teams for each and every project, no matter the specialty, to deliver high quality work.

  1. Having a good time while doing great work.

As we have seen before, working at Elkanodata allows to be part of challenging and high quality projects with great visibility, while having some fun in a flexible and remote-friendly environment.

Their team of young and talented creatives makes for a very dynamic and innovative environment while facing exciting challenges for great causes and important topics.

But there is also time for fun as part of Elkanodata´s team and to connect with colleagues to create great working relationships and space for collaboration.

Having a good time, while doing great creative work for social causes and relevant topics, does not sound too bad, does it?