7 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Targeted Followers on Twitter


Twitter is all about audience engagement, it can be a lot more difficult to gain targeted followers on twitter than on other apps like Instagram. The reason for this is that the Twittersphere is exceptionally large and diverse, and with this size comes the difficulty of customers finding you and you homing in on your target markets. There are multiple ways to increase your follower numbers on twitter but have a look at our 7 reasons why you’re not betting targeted followers to see if you are falling into any of the common traps, and how to overcome them.

Your Content Isn’t Telling a Story

Even though you are more likely to use words than photo content on twitter, it still needs to reflect your brand or the way your brand speaks to users. You don’t want to put content out that is all over the place and doesn’t embody your brands message, if you can’t decide how to put yourself across to your potential target market, they won’t engage with you. Structure and streamline your content to make sure that you reach your target market.

You Don’t Engage With Your Followers

It is so much easier to passively engage with your audience on Instagram or Facebook, just double tap and you’re away. Now though, that is no longer enough. You need to not only be retweeting what your customer base is saying, you need to be actively responding, championing them and cheering them on. Not only will customer see this interaction, other people who fall into the same target market will also see this and want to receive your validation also. Keep engagement positive and keep it consistent.

You Are Too Spammy

Remember we said that you need to create a structured feed, this is all well and good unless you decide to post every 47 seconds. Don’t become spammy with your content, this will drive your followers away and reduced numbers actively engaging with your feed can really damage your reputation as a brand. Review your competitors and see how much they post and when they do, keep it on brand and relevant to your followers so they look forward to seeing your content and not sick to death of it.

You Don’t Have Any Followers

You’ve signed up to twitter and realised that building a decent following is a mammoth task; due to the size and algorithm of the Twittersphere. To help, you can deploy a growth service. Twesocial brings you real followers that do more than fake numbers to your feed. The real followers brought in by Twesocial can be targeted so they reflect your target audience. From there you can increase your exposure to people that you want to engage with and because you already have a large following, they will want to be involved.

You Don’t Optimise Your Posting Time

So you have your target market selected, female, located in California, between the ages of 24-30. The last thing you want to do is start posting at 3am their time. They won’t see your content and it will be way down their feed by the time they get back online. Consider when your target market will be checking their phones, is it going to be at breakfast or when they’re on their way to work. Consider when you want your chosen market to see your content and optimise your posting times for it, this way you will increase your exposure and gain more targeted followers.

You Don’t Post Visual Content

Whilst a tweet is mainly a short sentence, you have the opportunity to post visual content too. Why describe your product to your target market when you can post a photo or video instead. Don’t do this all the time, as twitter isn’t the platform to do this, but keep your target market interested by dropping different types of content intermittently, this will also help you increase targeted followers, especially if your visual content is getting retweeted.

You Don’t Know What Is Trending In Your Target Market

Twitter is easy to just consume; it is one of those platforms where you can fall down a blackhole for a few hours and realise that you have achieved nothing. Look at the analytics and understand what your targeted followers are tweeting about, this can help you do the same and thus increase your following. You need to understand what it is your target market digests so you can put out similar content that reflects your business and brand ideals.

Final Thoughts

Twitter doesn’t have to be a difficult platform to manage as long as you leverage it correctly. To get more targeted followers you need to ensure that you have chosen the correct target market and that your brand values reflects theirs. Make sure you have high calibre content that people want to engage with and in turn, you can engage with.  You can also increase your followers’ number through services such as Twesocial that will help you reach the demographic that you want to break into. Be logical about your approach and make sure you are actively researching what it is your target market digest and want, follow these 7 steps and you will have more targeted followers in no time.