7 Simple Steps to Improve Workplace Safety


How safe is your workplace? Have you ever evaluated it? How many emergency exits are present in your workplace? Do you have a fire alarm and fire sprinkler system in place? It is important to pose such questions and regularly check the safety of your workplace. 

Be it a warehouse, factory or an office it is important to maintain the safety. As not maintaining it can cost double the expenses for the company. No disaster will come prior notice. So it is necessary for companies to prepare the workplace. Disasters not only hurt physically, but they also affect people mentally too. 

Workplace injuries have become quite common, while you’re reading this article, someone somewhere would have gotten injured. 

Sad, but true. 

Statistics are showing that every 7 seconds a worker is getting injured on the job. 

Shocking, right?

The saddest part of this is, these injuries could be prevented by maintaining workplace safety. Irrespective of your company’s size, you must maintain workplace safety. And quite frankly, it is high time that companies take workplace safety seriously.

The top injuries include falls, collisions, repetitive motions, holding, carrying or throwing objects. These injuries are costing businesses a lot, if your business doesn’t have an appropriate plan in place you may end up spending millions of dollars for damage control. And not to forget all these costs may impact the revenue, productivity and employee health.

How often do you educate or explain the importance of workplace safety to your employee? If the answer is not that often then it is time you change it for the better. Employees are assets to a company, moreover, outside the workplace they have a life and family depended on them. So it is your prime responsibility to take care of your employees and avoid such unfortunate incidents.

If you want to reduce workplace injuries then you must make workplace safety a part of your workplace culture. Educate your employees regarding it and try to understand the root cause of your workplace injuries. If you take your time to understand them then you could come up with a solution that would reduce the occurrence of such injuries in the future.

Here are simple tips to improve your workplace safety

Simple Safety Tips

Train them

The best way to improve workplace safety is by training your employees. Workplace safety is achievable with training programs and sessions. such as 360 Training’s OSHA 10 online training courses. There should be extensive training about the risks involved in their job, especially if they’re dealing with things like chemicals. Not only that, they should also get training for the other aspects as well to avoid any misfortunes in the future.

Annually, quarterly or monthly conduct a mass drill in your office to help them revise the training. Train them with techniques that could make the job safer and easier. Providing comprehensive will definitely prevent them from any workplace injuries. 

Signs & Labels

If you train them once a year, there are high chances they may forget about it. But what if you remind them every single day. Sounds great but impossible right? Worry not, it is definitely impossible to remind all your employees individually every single day. But if you have labels and signs all over your workplace. You can be assured that your employees are always informed about their safety and you can communicate the message easily. 

Not to mention they are cheap but effective ways to keep your employees informed. These labels and signs can easily convey the details and the hazards involved in a procedure. You can always give them an indication about the emergency exit or fire exit. 

Equipment & Tools

How can your personnel save themselves without the right equipment or tools? Imagine there has been a situation and most of your employees are hurt, what makes this situation worse is that all of this can be easily avoided if there was the right equipment at your workplace. You could have saved them from the injuries and yourself from additional costs. 

It is the company’s responsibility that they should provide their employees with the right tools and equipment. They would pull them out in a dangerous situation and also create a safer and better workplace environment. 

If your workplace is a factory or warehouse then you must make sure that all your equipment is serviced, cleaned and regularly inspected. Don’t let your employees move the equipment around, there is portable lifting equipment that would allow you to lift anything and transport it effortlessly.

Encourage breaks

Stress can impact your workplace safety, wondering how? When you’re stressed there are high chances of you committing mistakes. It is important for an organisation to give their employees breaks at regular intervals to avoid loosen joints, muscle tensions and any other repetitive motion injuries. Moving around is quite helpful rather than sitting in a spot or passive stretching alone. 

From the start

Workplace safety should be taken seriously from day one. Hire qualified people who pay attention to every single detail. A safe workplace starts from its employees believe it or not. If they make sure to follow the safety requirements and make sure to perform their jobs according to the already established procedures. Some establishments also find physical therapists to understand the physical demand and functionality of each job. With your understanding, you can create functional job analysis and understand their requirements. Make sure that all your employees follow safety protocols right from the start.

Regular meetings

Conduct regular meetings to review the safety rules. And check for new methods to improve the existing safety system. Discuss prevention plans with your team and always keep the workplace safety at the top of your list. It is your responsibility to protect your workforce and workplace. 

Clean space

If your workplace is not clean there are high chances of your employees falling and injuring themselves. So always make sure that the space is clean, dry and neat. Encourage your employees to keep the space clean and constantly educate them on the importance of a clean space and how you can avoid accidents by following simple things. Make sure that boxes are arranged properly, no spills etc. Have a team of people who will conduct regular inspections to find any tangled cords, disorganised tools, etc and fix them to avoid the damage.


Maintaining workplace safety is important to lower accidents in the workplace. Workplace injuries can bring down productivity, turnover and most importantly employee morale. So it is important for companies to take it seriously and work constantly to improve it. Improved workplace safety can improve safety, health and overall wellbeing for your employee. What are you waiting for? Follow these simple tips and improve your workplace safety.