Explainer videos are a great tool for companies to use in their marketing campaigns. They inform potential customers about what you have to offer, help to create a reputation for trust, generate a community of loyal followers and show off your technical skills.

However, they have to be done well to make an impact. If you intend to include them in your marketing efforts, here are our tips about how to create the best explainer video possible.

  1. Be clear about what your video is trying to achieve

Bad explainer videos lack focus. They waffle around the subject, instead of zeroing in on what customers really need to know. So, before you do anything else, make sure you have a simple theme for your content. Don’t add too much complexity. Keep things concise and relevant.

  1. Answer a question that is relevant to your audience

When you are planning your explainer video, always think about the viewers. when people click on this type of video, they are almost always seeking answers. Make sure that your video is based around answering a question that relates to your followers, and don’t deviate from the answer. It’s why people are watching in the first place.

  1. Write a killer script for your video

Great explainer videos tend to have two major components: the script and the visuals. Both are vital. Taking the script first, write a rough draft that answers your question. Read it through, and make sure that it sounds natural and conversational. Address the viewers, keep the language simple, and add a joke or two. But keep the humor at arms length. The priority is to explain, not to provide pure entertainment.

  1. Source a voice that suits your content

The script is important, but it needs to be delivered appropriately. If you aren’t confident behind the microphone or in front of the camera, it’s well worth recruiting a professional actor or narrator to give your script extra power. How words are spoken changes the way they are received, so remove any flaws and gain the trust of your audience by finding a voice that works for your content.

  1. Create attention grabbing visuals

It’s also really important to use slick visuals that will hook the viewer. This has to start right at the beginning. Before you say a word, you need to include animations or graphics that draw the viewers in. Remember that most people run videos on mute before turning on the volume. The few seconds when the content is muted need to be visually compelling if you want to earn the attention of your audience.

  1. Bring in graphical expertise, and budget properly

When you are perfecting the visual side of your video, don’t be tempted to source your content from the cheapest providers. You could have the most accurate, well-written script around, but people will turn off if the graphics are crude or don’t relate tightly to what is being said. Bring in professional animators, and provide them with a detailed storyboard which tells them exactly what is needed.

  1. Test your video to ensure that it gets results

After the graphics are done and the narration has been recorded, your video isn’t finished. Before you think about uploading it, test the video on people who aren’t connected to the campaign. If they respond positively and they concentrate all the way through, you’ve probably created content that will gain real purchase. If not, take the time to revisit your video. Smoothing off the rough edges can make a huge difference to how many people view explainer videos – so don’t be lazy.

Creating the best explainer video is a vital task for online businesses, whether you capture drone footage of real estate, or provide bespoke carpentry. So take the time to plan, get the script, narration and visuals right, and you’ll create content that does the job in style.