Video is now primarily used by businesses on the web to spread awareness about their brands. With videos, you can explain a large amount of information using a shorter time. In addition, they can be distributed in a lot of places like your website, social media, and video sharing sites. The following are 7 tips on making a business video.

Keep the Video Short

Short videos are best for posting online on the social media. The ideal length for online video is 60 – 90 seconds. If you put the words into a script, they should be totaled to about 160 words long. If the information is complex, you should think of ways to explain it in 2 minutes or less. The audience attention will decrease when the video length increase.

Display Your Brand Logo and URL in Strategic Places

It is important to make the video yours by branding it with your logo. In this way, people know who is trying to sell them the product that is advertised in the video. The URL must be put in a strategic place on the video where everyone can see. For the commercial, you can choose characters that resemble your buyer personas. The character voicing should also be like how the people in the target location is speaking. You must make sure that people know your brand when they are watching your video.

Make the Best Use of the First 10 Seconds

In every video you make, keep in mind to make the first 10 seconds the best ever. This is because the audience usually will click away after 10 seconds. So, you want to do your best to get the audience attention in the first 10 seconds. The quality of the first 10 seconds will immediately convey to the viewer whether it is worth their time to continue watching their video.

Center the Video on a Story

The video that talks all about sales is annoying and will make customers go away. Instead, you can make your video friendlier by using a story to spread awareness of your product. The story should give value to your customers, for example, providing a tip. If you provide a valuable tip, the viewer may share it with someone else and mention your brand.

Video Must Have Good Quality

The customers will associate the quality of your product with the quality of the video content. Therefore, make sure your video picture is clear and what the speaker is saying can be clearly heard by the audience before uploading. If you don’t know how to create a high-quality video, you can outsource it to a video production company.

It will be worth it if your video can get a high ROI and you reap back all the profits. The video production company you choose should be equipped with a team that consists of all the professionals such as scriptwriter, actors, artists and camera people. They should also have a portfolio that shows the videos they made for past clients.

Edit Your Video

Before uploading, you must always go through your video to see if it is necessary to make any edit. In filming, it is common to make a mistake, and you can remove these mistake parts by using the trim tool in the online movie editor. The video editor also has filters to change the color of the video so that it appears more professional. You can also add text, subtitles, and background audio that goes with the video story with the video editor.

Optimize Video for SEO

You must never forget about optimizing your video for SEO. All the videos you upload on YouTube not only are searchable within site but they also can be indexed and found in the search engine. Videos often rank on top if they get selected to display in the search result. To SEO optimize your video, you should incorporate targeted keywords in the title and description of the video.

It is best to optimize your video with a long-tail keyword. The title should be short and have less than 66 characters. You should also create a video thumbnail. The thumbnail is the first thing the viewers see before they click through and watch the video. Therefore, you should spend time to create an impressive thumbnail that can capture the attention of the audience.

Add Humor to Video

You may want to add some humor to your video to make the viewer’s laugh. People can absorb information faster in a funny video. Try to come up with unique humor and not copy your competitor. This will make you stand out and get everyone talking about your video. When people start talking about your video, they will share it on their social media, and it can quickly get a lot of views.