Launching a new venture is exciting and stressful; not necessarily in that order. If all goes well, your business could be huge, but if your marketing strategies are a complete failure, the only people who are going to know about the new business will be your mom, your grandma, and your dog.

Whether you’re launching a new e-commerce business, a brand, or a fantastic product for the kitchen, creating hype around the business is essential. This is a great opportunity to generate pre-launch excitement and drum up business before you open the doors, virtual or otherwise. You want people to tune in on the day of the launch, hopefully with their credit cards ready and waiting. Here are seven ways to build some buzz.

Social Teasers

Social media is huge. Most people have at least one social media account and with more than 2 billion registered Facebook users, you can’t ignore the power of social media marketing. Create a buzz on social media by sharing sneak previews and tasters of what’s to come. Be mysterious. Engage with users if they ask questions, but don’t give too much away. Use social media to spread the word in a personable way.

Create a Lead Page

Create a lead page before the main website launch. Direct all social media and other online traffic to your lead page. Have a countdown timer. This lets your audience know when the business is launching and will create a sense of eager anticipation.


Be a guest speaker on a podcast channel. Talk about relevant topics and drop a mention in there of your new business. Popular podcasts have huge audiences, so this is an excellent opportunity to plug the venture. Don’t forget to direct listeners to the lead page.


A blog is a valuable marketing tool. Start posting blogs before the launch. Talk about what you have planned, share the benefits of your product/brand/service. Include behind-the-scenes video or photos so readers can get a sense of what’s to come. This will generate excitement and help readers feel more involved in the launch process.

Work with influential bloggers and write some guest blogs for their sites. Talk about anything related to your new business and include a link back to your lead page.

Free Giveaways

A free, strictly limited giveaway of whatever you are selling should help you grow your audience. Share the details on social media and encourage fans to “like” your page and share it with their followers.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth has the potential to go viral, so work this one hard. Ask anyone and everyone to tell their friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and the man in the moon about your business launch. The more people who know about it, the better.

Create a Launch Video

YouTube has one billion active users every month. That’s a large audience you can leverage through the medium of video. Create a pre-launch video and plug it on social media. Create a buzz and show people what they can expect when the business goes “live”.

Implement as many of these strategies as you can and you have an excellent chance of generating excitement prior to launch day. Good luck!