7 Ways Employer Can Monitor Their Staff


Potential managers and leads can easily monitor their employees in many ways. Monitoring the employees is to identify whether the employees are wasting their time and companies resources on their personal matters. An effective manager goal is to monitor their employees successfully without causing any unnecessary company friction. The employer should have the access to monitor the employee’s email messages because employers use logging credentials and advanced network analysis. For suppose, If the employee deleted old information from his/her system can be monitored by the employer in the workplace.

The employee monitoring is useful to increase the employee productivity, and understanding the employee behavior can help in solving problems in their workplace. Any employee with inadequate performance can be identified by cell phone spyware. This technology is used to trace the activities of every employee internally. Therefore, every company should have a genuine monitoring management. There are many advantages involved in monitoring the staff, they are

  1. Online Monitoring

There are many ways to monitor the employees online by using GPS, biometrics, cameras, access cards, social media, etc

GPS tracking: GPS tracking devices are used for improving location efficiency in the workplace. Mobile GPS is used to track the employee movements. GPS can help the management to track their employees current location anywhere. If the employee takes the leave for a genuine reason, it’s fine, but few employees take leaves as per their wish and irrelevantly, this could be tracked and action can be taken by  the monitoring management.

Biometric: Biometric system helps to calculate employee in and out time. Every employee should maintain punctuality in terms of time. In the manual, there is a chance to make changes irrespective of rules while in biometric, there is a no chance of proxy attendance.

CC Cameras: CC Camera can usually record the information of everything that is under its eye. It can track employee movements in the workplace. Managers have the access to monitor the employees using these cameras and warn if anything goes wrong.

Access cards: These are used for calculating the time schedules. It includes how many times employees take the break. Each and every swipe time is recorded in the system by automatic pieces of equipment and tools. So that employers have the ability to make use of that time in other works.

Social media: With the basic and commonly used online media, if any employee goes somewhere and post in their social media, also tag someone in common. With this hint, monitoring management can get a clear idea about their social relations in the society.

  1. Detailed policies

Company policies and procedures should be in detail, each and every employee must have a clear idea about the policies. When a new employee is joined, the company management has to take the induction classes as a way to explain the protocols and procedures of the company workplace. Guidelines have to be issued through mail or handbook, later should observe the employee whether he/she is following the discipline or not. Every employee should follow the time management, dressing sense, breaks, leaves, and permissions, etc. Everything should be calculated and monitored by the top management.

  1. Ask for an explanation

Monitoring management has the authority to know what an employee is working on. Clearly, recall about the last conversation. Employers should ask the employee about work explanation like- Whether the project can complete within the given time? or will it take some more time? What are their requirements to work more effectively? Know whether they are interacting with the co-employees and are there any barriers between them? It is a kind of gathering information, but in this way, the employer has to get more valuable views on employees.

  1. Avoid unnecessary websites

Check what web pages employees are visiting whether it is useful or not. If it is harmful to the business, the employer has the right to block those kinds of unwanted websites. By doing this, the employer can get more productivity from the employee. For example: In the IT companies social media sites aren’t allowed, because the data can be shared easily and are not secure. When an employer notices that their employees are frequently visiting a website which is not related to work, employers should block that site and send an email regarding that.

  1. Use technical tools

For each and every work companies has to practice different technical tools, which are effective in productivity and that data should be safe. It is very tough to control all the employees in one place. In that case, cameras can control the movements of the employees, biometric save the entry and exit time, swiping cards record the break times.

Many applications are available in the market to record and maintain the track of the employee and the other workers in a company. These tools basically provide access to the admin. If anything goes wrong in the behavior of the company, they have to take care of it.

  1. Include Employee interaction sessions

Interaction sessions are useful and are easy to know about every employee. Creative thoughts will come out when the management conduct the interactive and impressive sessions. Employees feel free to share their views and thoughts so that the employer can analyze how many potential workers are there in the company.

  1. Propose video surveillance

Many businesses use surveillance in terms of video to examine customers from stealing anything like products and things of other co-workers. A few businesses use this surveillance to check whether employees are productive and help them not to violate the business’s strategies. This can track employee’s misconduct. However, invariably being followed can make employees feel uncomfortable. Consider the advantages and disadvantages before employing video surveillance. Sometimes these cannot be encouraged against the law.


Employer main focus is towards completion of work on time, at the same time to follow the employee behavior in the workplace. An employee should give the best output in a healthy atmosphere in the workplace. In case if the spy apps or tools are not working properly, the employer should monitor their employees with their own efforts.