7 Ways to Use AV to Maximise Sponsorship Opportunities


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

In the old days, event sponsorship meant displaying sponsors’ logos on a banner or a brochure, or perhaps on a screen in the reception. Today there are many ways you can use AV technology to integrate sponsors into an event. Through the use of technology, sponsors can engage event participants and bring increased value to the proceedings. Here are a few of the ways in which technology can help you maximise the sponsorship opportunities for your event.

  1. Interactive Games and Quizzes

Make the most of participants’ downtime by adding interactive games, quizzes, and other entertainment to increase awareness of sponsors’ brands and get people’s attention. Various games can be set up through the use of tablets and big screens, and sponsors can pay for big prizes that draw people in to play. You can also add in a Twitter element where attendees are encouraged to Tweet with sponsor-related hashtags in order to win prizes at the event.

  1. Digital Signage

Perhaps the most obvious way to use technology to boost sponsorship is to display information about the sponsors on screens around the venue. Organise an AV hire company to set up a network of screens. You can show digital images, stream videos, or allow sponsors to develop their own video content especially for the event.

  1. Q&A and Audience Feedback

Sponsors can brand the audience feedback and Q&A opportunities within apps, so that delegates can ask questions from their tablets and give feedback on sessions from their phones.

  1. Branded Photo Booths

Set up event picture stations of photo booths where the images have sponsors’ logos and hashtags embedded. These will then be easily shared across social media. Photo booths are ideal for breakaway sessions and also for social events such as drinks parties in the evening.

  1. Event Registration

Touch-screen check in kiosks and screens where delegates choose their sessions can all be branded with details of sponsors. You can also include welcome notes from sponsors, and tips from sponsors for delegates to get the best from the event.

  1. Device Charging Lockers

Set up lockers or stations for delegates to charge their devices and brand them to make sure that sponsors are highly noticeable. Sponsors can also have delegates on hand around the station to answer questions about the brand or provide more information and points of contact.

  1. Live Streaming

And don’t forget about the branding opportunities for the live streaming of your event. In addition to streaming speeches and content live, you can also offer branded, sponsor-led extra content such as interviews, product demonstrations, and competitions.