7 Ways You Can Dramatically Enhance the Productivity Within Your Business


As you probably know, productivity can have a massive impact on your bottom line. Increasing productivity is something that all business leaders have been struggling with for a long time. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that simply demanding your workers to work more hours is going to increase productivity in the long run. It won’t. That’s why some businesses with shorter working weeks actually still produce more than their competitors. After all, a happy, motivated workforce will get more done that one that feels like it’s slaving away.

So you want to improve the productivity of your employees? You’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going to look at exactly what tips your business needs to start making the most out of your workforce and producing enough for your business to be a success.

1.Hire the right staff

The first place to start if you want to have a productive workforce is to hire the right staff. This isn’t as straightforward as it sounds, and if you already have your workforce in place, you can’t exactly fire them all and start again. So you’ll need to use a few other tips to get things sorted so that your current employees are working the best they can. But if you do have the chance to actually hire new team members, take care throughout the interview process and make sure you thoroughly vet any potential new hiring. You need to get this right.

2.Make goals and targets clear

Your team can’t be productive if they don’t know what they’re working towards. Make sure everyone knows what they’re supposed to be doing and has a set of goals they’re clearly working towards. If you have to, print up some targets and goals and display them prominently. Make sure you tell your staff as often as possible what they’re working towards.

3.Create good team relationships

A team that gets on well is normally one that produces more. You don’t want people getting on TOO well so that they are gossiping instead of working, but having good general relationships is a must. Make sure you foster these relationships with team building events and other activities. If you have to, mix teams up when they aren’t working well together to find something that fits.

4.Offer clear incentives

As we already looked at, you want your team working towards goals and the right targets. But they also need incentives and rewards to keep things moving. When they hit their targets, there should be a clear benefit to them – whether it’s a team dinner or a bit more in their payslip at the end of the month.

5.Use the right technology

There are tons of apps that can help improve productivity in the workplace. Have a look at them, and find out what works for you. Engage coworking software is really good for this.

6.Allow remote working

Remote working can allow employees to work from home and avoid the commute. This could boost morale and help them become more productive.

7.Reduce distractions

When there’s too much going on in the way of distractions, it can be hard to concentrate on the most important tasks at hand. When your team is working towards an important deadline, reduce distractions as much as possible.