Retirement is on its way for all of us. If you’re in your 20s now, it may be the farthest thing on your mind but it’s inevitability begs your attention. As medical advancements have increased average life expectancy, you will need to sustain yourself longer and will need money for it and for that you should be contacting the best financial advisors already. Wisdom may increase but your body gets weaker with age and you won’t be able to work as hard. And after all, you will have spent a lifetime working your days off and never actually living life. So when you reach retirement age you should have reached a point where you can relax and enjoy. To do so, you should plan for the future today and reap the benefits tomorrow. This article lists 8 advantages of planning your retirement today.

1.It encourages you to start saving early

With the aim of setting up a retired life, you will realize that you don’t need to spend large amounts of money on things you don’t need. When you start saving and need to forget extra nights out with friends, you will be using that time on better things. Starting to save early allows you to save more and if you invest properly it will all add up till you reach your retirement age. If you’re 20 now, you have 40 years till you reach 60 and hence more time to save and invest. The extra money for retirement isn’t going to come from anywhere else. It is a numbers’ game and you’re going to have to manage money carefully and put enough money aside for your retirement. Eventually, you’re going to retire rich.

2.It may allow you to retire early

If you’re able to execute your plans properly, you may soon realize, that you have enough resources even before retirement age. All you have to do is to plan accordingly and a retirement calculator can be used for this purpose. If you decide that you want to retire earlier you will have to calculate accordingly. You have to work hard when you have the energy to do it. If all goes well you may have some energy left to travel and enjoy other activities.

3.Average life expectancy continues to increase

The longer you live after retirement, the more money you will need to live comfortably. If you haven’t planned correctly, your retirement savings will diminish sooner than your life does and you will have to live on scraps. Planning early will allow you have enough to live comfortably for as long as you live and maybe even leave some for your family.

4.You can fulfill your dreams

Most people spend their lives wishing to do many things but being unable to do them because they either don’t have the time or the money or both. Retirement will be a good time to get things off your bucket list. Since you have the time, all you will need to fulfill your heart’s desires will be money. It is the perfect opportunity to see those places you’ve only seen pictures of and do things you’ve always wanted to do. You can stay carefree and let life carry you along. You can set up a school or hospital if that is what you have always wanted to do.

 5.It can be good for your health

Money is the cause of stress for millions of people. Studies suggest rest and sleep can be good for your health. Having enough money to live a comfortable life in retirement will bring all types of health benefits. You will have little worries, sleep all you want and wake up relaxed as a baby. Health deteriorates for most people after retirement age. If you have money, you can afford all the right things to take care of yourself.

6.The future may have more obstacles than you expect

You may have income today and expect to have it even after retirement. If you do, chances are that you may be caught unexpected by life and your sources of income may not be available tomorrow. A flourishing business can go bankrupt any day. You may also have a nice family and expect to be cared for by them. But placing your reliance on someone else is not the right path to take. Like your present, you should plan to be self-sufficient even after retirement. Even otherwise, it would be unfair to place the burden of your sustenance on someone else. You can be faced with all types of problems in the future and can at least get out of some if you have some extra money.

7.Relying on pension alone may be risky

Your pension provides you with a safety net but it won’t be enough to allow you the retirement of your dreams. It may also not be enough to maintain the living standards you have grown accustomed to. If inflation skyrockets, your pension, being calculated at today’s rates will be of no value. It may not even be enough for sustenance. Moreover, you may face unexpected health problems that may not be covered under insurance. It will be safer to have some extra cash to aid in times of need.

8.You will define your career goals

Some people may be alright with the idea of working endlessly. They work in jobs they hate, for money that isn’t enough. Having the aim of setting up a good retired life will allow and help you develop the right mindset. You will work smart and find new opportunities to earn. You will appreciate the idea that your youth is the time to put in all our effort. You have all the energy you need and your health hasn’t been affected. You will not accept paths which do not take you towards your aim of a good retired life. You will be making money for yourself.


No one has predicted their future and will never be able to but if you have secured your future smartly with a good retirement plan, then the best bet could be a better and safe future. However, everyone will reach that stage and have to face it so instead of facing it last minute one should always be fully prepared for it with the best plan in your pocket to fully enjoy a stress-free retirement life because it’s always ideal to be prepared beforehand whether you’re just 20 or almost 40.