8 Essential Tips You Need to Know When Advertising Your Small Business


Some companies seem to find it easier to generate revenue than others and while some of that might be down to the size of their advertising budget, you can still be one of the successful businesses that grow organically, if you spend your marketing budget wisely.

Here are some useful pointers on how to create a purposeful and cost-effective marketing approach that gives you a good response rate and should offer you the opportunity to build your customer relationship and generate new leads.

There is a look at some of the most successful marketing initiatives that need to be on your radar, plus details of ways to build your local profile and other initiatives that can help you generate worthwhile sales leads.

Take a look at marketing automation

When it comes to small business marketing it is essential that you try and maximize the return you achieve from your spend and one way of doing that could be through marketing automation.

This strategy is about converting as many of your B2B contacts into actual contracts.

There are certain aspects of your marketing process that you can make easier through automation and that means making full use of analytics and reporting as a way of nurturing every lead to boost your conversion rate.

Make full use of social media

As a small business, it pays to embrace everything that social media platforms such as Facebook have to offer because it qualifies as one of the most inexpensive ways to get your message across and communicate with loads of potential customers.

It makes to encourage people to like you on Facebook and to try and drive more traffic to your website.

You might also want to spend some of your advertising budgets in this sphere as there are plenty of options to be quite specific with who you target, which should make your spend more cost-efficient.

Target local customers

If you run a small business it always makes sense to try and build a solid local customer base as well as pitching to a wider audience.

A good way of raising your profile locally would be by ranking your Google My Business listing.

The real no-brainer about this Google profile is that if you manage to rank your listing near the top of the search results for your type of business in the area you could be generating some lucrative leads without actually spending any money to acquire them.

What Google My Business is all about is combining all of your various Google platforms into one main centralized place and it is a great way of increasing your visibility and boosting your credibility.

Consider content marketing

Alongside marketing, automation marketers tend to point at content marketing as a strategy that is most likely to achieve a meaningful impact on their business.

It is important to appreciate that there is a fundamental difference between paid and content advertising.

Paid advertising is more focused on achieving a short-term spike in sales revenue whereas content marketing is all about taking a more long-term view in your efforts to build a bigger customer base and boost turnover.

It matters to appreciate these distinctly different approaches as the payback will often be lower with content marketing to start with, while you build up a sustainable level of growth in visitor numbers.

Everyone loves a deal

There a number of established coupon deal sites that enjoy a strong and loyal customer base, all of whom love the chance to save some money and grab a bargain.

You could use some of these coupon sites to help promote your business.

You will probably have to discount your product, sometimes substantially, for the coupon site to be interested in taking you on as they need to make on the deal too.

Provided you enjoy a healthy margin there is merit in using these sites as a way of introducing new customers to your business, as long as you appreciate that the first spend with you might not be that profitable with the big discount you will have to offer.

Don’t overlook the obvious

When you are formulating a marketing strategy it pays to focus on some of the basics as well as looking at other more niche initiatives.

With this in mind, make sure you pay close attention to using email as a core part of your marketing strategy.

Email marketing doesn’t always impact on the bottom line straight away unless your message is offering a time-limited deal, but the primary purpose is more about nurturing these leads so that they become a customer that spends more than once with you.

Offer a bit of your time for free

If you are offering a professional service it can pay dividends to offer a free consultation to potential new clients.

Offering a free consultation can prove to be an excellent way of generating quality leads and if you are confident in your ability to close when face to face with a potential new client, you will soon be able to gain compensation for giving up some free time.

Try an old school approach

Everyone is competing online these days and that makes it a challenge to get your voice heard in such a crowded space.

With that in mind and even though you absolutely need to maintain a strong online profile, you could get an unexpected sales windfall from going back to an old marketing method that can now be used very effectively.

Direct mail marketing is an approach that can get you noticed as you are not competing against some many other businesses.

Targeted mailings using quality leads could see you enjoy a decent ROI and if you personalize the mailing in some way, such as handwriting the address, this is going to get their attention and gives you the chance to get your sales message across.

If you adopt some of these proven marketing methods it should help you achieve sales grow without breaking the bank with your advertising budget.